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It Takes a Village to Build a Free, Open Source, 3D-Printed Robot

Posted 20 December 2012 | By | Categories: Reality™ Products, Stories by mike!, Text | 11 Comments

by Michael Molitch-Hou When I asked to interview Gaël Langevin, he described himself as “pretty much like a bear in a cave”, someone who would prefer to tinker around in his workshop rather than socialize.  Gaël, however, has built something that not many amateur tinkerers have.  Without any robotics experience, he has put together a […]

MAP: 107 Attacks Related to Primary School Across the Globe in 250 Years

Posted 14 December 2012 | By | Categories: Reality™ Products, Stories by mike!, Text | 17 Comments

by Michael Molitch-Hou View List of attacks related to primary schools in a larger map About two years ago, I was reading news reports aggregated by my Google News feed and was startled to hear about two recent stabbing incidents that took place in Chinese primary schools less than a day apart. The first happened […]

Read “Printing the Future, Today!” by Michael Molitch-Hou at

Posted 16 November 2012 | By | Categories: Reality™ Products, Stories by mike!, Text | 2 Comments

It’s a tale as old as time: the story of a time traveling door-to-door salesperson reflecting on the history of 3D printers and giving a nice overview of the technology for 21st century folks like you and me. Read it at! And don’t forget to see Mike read at Concord this Saturday’s ENTER>text from […]

iPhone 5 is born from a Gossamer-thin Sac Somewhere in Guangdong Province by C.N. Fusumu

Posted 17 October 2012 | By | Categories: C.N. Fusumu, Reality™ Products, Stories by People Michael™ Knows, Text | 16 Comments

The following is the sensational screenplay by C.N. Fusumu from which the blockbuster, feature-length film of the same title is based (coming to theaters and VOD this Christmas), preceded by the query letter that made it all possible. Dear Hollywood Representation Directory,                Attached you will find a tantalizing preview of the first few storyboard […]

Dogbabies by Byron Alexander Campbell

Posted 11 March 2011 | By | Categories: Byron Alexander Campbell, Media, Reality™ Products, Stories by People Michael™ Knows, Text | No Comments

What follows is a strange text by Byron Alexander Campbell. The formatting requires the text to be a .png, rather than pasted directly into the site. Enjoy! page 1 page 2

An exchange between the Reality Institute and D[]An Ti’enne of the Turge Freakz

Posted 03 March 2011 | By | Categories: Media, Reality™ Products, Text, the Turge Freakz, Watt Wilby Wilby | No Comments

from: D[]An Ti’enne <D[]AnTi’enne@turgfreakz.4’33> to: The Reality™ Institute <> date: Sat, Dec 18, 2010 at 12:38 AM subject: A message for The Reality™ Institute Greetings fellow travelers of this cosmic universe, My name is D[]An Ti’enne and I am a representative of The Turge Freakz, the ecstatic provocateurs of a think-tank on the 4’33 dimension […]

Now That’s Good Copy by Seth Blake

Posted 19 December 2010 | By | Categories: Media, Reality™ Products, Seth Blake, Text, Watt Wilby Wilby | 1 Comment

Probably, you don’t need me to tell you this but people are trying to sell you things. Take this morning, for example. As usual, I awoke to find myself at the kitchen table cradling a pot of coffee to my bosom, a burning sensation in my nose, throat and bosom. On the plate in front […]

It is a truth universally acknowledged by Michael Molitch-Hou

Posted 19 December 2010 | By | Categories: Media, Stories by mike! | No Comments

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife: a poem by Michael Molitch-Hou All this happened more or less: Once upon a midnight dreary In my younger and more vulnerable years God created the heaven and the earth. [A screaming […]

Light Ponderings at 5AM by Marty McCahill

Posted 19 December 2010 | By | Categories: Marty McCahill, Media, Reality™ Products, Stories by People Michael™ Knows, Text | No Comments

It’s a Sunday night and I can’t sleep.  I stay in my basement with a minimal amount of lights on.  I change some bulbs on desk lamps that I have strewn all over my basement to different colored lights.  I make it so each room of the basement has a different color.  Where my guitars […]

Personal Statements for an MFA in Creative Writing by Michael Molitch-Hou

Posted 12 December 2009 | By | Categories: Blog, Reality™ Products, Text | 1 Comment

So, here are some essays I wrote when trying to write my personal statement for grad schools. I’m trying to get a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. So, feel free to read these if you like. They’re kind of entertaining maybe. That’s why they’re not stories, this is classified as a blog on […]