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Personal Statements for an MFA in Creative Writing by Michael Molitch-Hou

Posted 12 December 2009 | By | Categories: Blog, Reality™ Products, Text | 1 Comment

So, here are some essays I wrote when trying to write my personal statement for grad schools. I’m trying to get a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. So, feel free to read these if you like. They’re kind of entertaining maybe. That’s why they’re not stories, this is classified as a blog on […]

Blog #18: The Blog about the God

Posted 05 October 2009 | By | Categories: Blog, Reality™ Products, Text | 1 Comment

If “God” is a word and man invented language, then, linguistically speaking, humanity so closely resembles a god-like thing that it can be, for all intents and purposes, considered God. Creatures with unknown purposes and origins came into the world with “fabulous powers” (He-Man, 1983).  They were unsure of what they were and then complained […]

T.D. Mischke and Reality

Posted 12 April 2009 | By | Categories: Blog, Media, Reality™ Products, Text | 1 Comment

Ben Nyberg introduced me to this great radio DJ from Minnesota. I thought this particular clip on reality was appropriate for this site that has to do with reality. Bob calls in to joke around with Mischke, but little does he realize that his call to a po-dunk station in fly-over land, is about to […]

Cremation just makes sense by the Neptune Society

Posted 24 February 2009 | By | Categories: Art by People Michael™ Knows, Blog, Media, Reality™ Products, Text, The Neptune Society, Video, Watt Wilby Wilby | No Comments

My dad received this letter in the mail because when you turn 65, the Neptune Society beckons . To read this letter correctly, please play the following song while you read along. I couldn’t get it to play while you read it, so download it if you feel like, okay? Fuck this joke: copland_-tender-land-suite-finale-the-promise-of-living then […]

Blog #17: To Blog or not to Blog (The blog about concreteness of beliefs)

Posted 17 February 2009 | By | Categories: Blog, Reality™ Products, Text | No Comments

You recently read a very interesting article on how the flu vaccine kills astronauts.  This article was peer-reviewed and cites many other scholarly articles about the flu vaccine, astronauts, and studies about the flu vaccine and astronauts.  It is 10:30 am, Monday, February 2nd, 2008.  You are located at 1427 William St., River Forest, Illinois.  […]

Blog #16: I blog you, Sheriff Truman. (the blog about Twin Peaks)

Posted 06 January 2009 | By | Categories: Blog, Reality™ Products, Text | No Comments

Well, I normally wouldn’t do this, but I am required to talk about real things every once in awhile by our parent company Reality Incorporated Co..  They were watching a lot of Twin Peaks and thought it was so great that I had to blog about it.  I, personally, hate the show. Don’t get it.  […]

Laura Collins: Work on Paper

Posted 12 December 2008 | By | Categories: Art by People Michael™ Knows, Blog, Laura Collins, Media, Reality™ Products, Text, Work on Paper | No Comments

Here are some awesome thingies that Laura Collins made.  The first, the one of them birds, is the cover for Marty McCahill’s CD Songs About Tigers.  If you’d like to see more or buy some from the artist, visit or to see the awesome gallery click on this article head. to see the […]

Blog #15: A Blog-Ad for Holograhams™: They’re From the Future™!

Posted 07 November 2008 | By | Categories: Blog, Holograhams™, Media, Reality™ Products, Text, Videos by mike! | No Comments

I was blogging the recent coverage of the election of Barack Obama to the position of President of the United States of America, one of the highest things, when I thought, “Man what would it be like to blog for the President?”  Then I thought, “was that a hologram?”  More important than electing a multiracial, […]

Blog #14: Halloween Hitler Blog

Posted 31 October 2008 | By | Categories: Blog, Johnny Propaganda, Media, Reality™ Products, Text, Watt Wilby Wilby | 9 Comments

The above German translates to “German Hand Blogs! Kiss ’em Back, Now, Y’all!” I know I said some awful things about the Internet and Blogs, but I take them all back! Not because I changed my mind, but because it’s almost Halloween and Politics Day and I’m scared! When I was little, I used to […]

Blog #13: Blog Against Blogs (and Wikipedia)

Posted 10 October 2008 | By | Categories: Blog, Reality™ Products, Text | 1 Comment

I haven’t blogged in awhile. It’s because the internet is stupid. I used to respect the internet until I found out that it didn’t respect me because he she it they it found out that I was vandalizing wikipedia.  I hate the internet. I thought that we lived in a free society where everyone was […]