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The Boy With Lights in His Eyes by Roberto Figueroa

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Across the street, children pressed two fingers against their lips and exhaled, pretending to smoke. The fog that covered the darkened town felt made of these breathes; sticky warm and based on pretend. The boy with lights in his eyes walked alone and un-costumed. The children hurried on. His sunglasses no longer worked. He couldn’t […]

Dear Mom

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Dear Mom, Things are good here. I guess you could say “all’s quiet on the western front.” God I wish I hadn’t said that. I don’t even know what the western front is. Although, I could look it up. Anyways, I’ve wrote it and that’s the point. As I was saying, things are good here. […]


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Wake up-2-3. Sob-2-3. Fetal Position-2-3. Twirl. Laugh-2-3. Shout-2-3. Mumble-2-3. Dip. Talk to self-2-3. Get evaluated-2-3. Paranoia-2-3. Sleep-2-3. Twirl We all have routines, a set pattern of things that we do everyday. Although, every once in a while, we divert from our normal behavior and do something entirely different. It’s just like dancing-2-3. Descartes said something […]

Welcome to the Reality Institute, Mike

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Welcome to the Reality Institute! If you’ve come here, Mike, you have stumbled onto a website designed to help Michael Molitch-Hou determine what is real and what is not realm a sort of way of retracing his steps into his person-hood. We are, in fact, a service institute, which can guide you through reality by […]