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An exchange between the Reality Institute and D[]An Ti’enne of the Turge Freakz

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from: D[]An Ti’enne <D[]AnTi’enne@turgfreakz.4’33> to: The Reality™ Institute <> date: Sat, Dec 18, 2010 at 12:38 AM subject: A message for The Reality™ Institute Greetings fellow travelers of this cosmic universe, My name is D[]An Ti’enne and I am a representative of The Turge Freakz, the ecstatic provocateurs of a think-tank on the 4’33 dimension […]

Now That’s Good Copy by Seth Blake

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Probably, you don’t need me to tell you this but people are trying to sell you things. Take this morning, for example. As usual, I awoke to find myself at the kitchen table cradling a pot of coffee to my bosom, a burning sensation in my nose, throat and bosom. On the plate in front […]

Tamaghna Banerjee and You by Marty McCahill

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Between Tamaghna Banerjee and You Marty McCahill April 24 at 9:50pm hmm… how do i know you? Tamaghna Banerjee April 25 at 3:58am I am the drummer of a metal band , CHRONIC XORN from India We are releasing our debut album in May this year under Six Inch Nails records. It would be nice […]

From the desk of Jimmy T. Crack by Jimmy Crack

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HARVEY HAS ENTERED A PHOTO CONTEST! IF HE WINS, HE CAN GET $7,000 TO OPEN HIS OWN STUDIO AND LIVE THE LIFE HE’S ALWAYS WANTED. PLEASE VOTE FOR HIM AT P.S.- you can vote once every 24 hours! THANKS 4 UR SUPPORT! Harvey Hamburger: Construction worker for Structurally Sound Construction is in search of […]

my letter to david dondero…. by Marty McCahill

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here’s marty’s letter to David Dondero in audio format. and below that is it in written format! letter-to-ddd sorry about that email. i shouldn’t write emails at 2 am. 421 am is a much more appropriate time to write emails. i haven’t been getting much sleep these days…. well, i felt really bad that i […]

Birthday Wishes to Ben Nyberg by Countless Potential Lovers (Countless!)

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Ben always checks the “Missed Connections” on craigslist to see if anyone writes about him, so for Ben’s B-day, Nahenahekameleopalama Ihara-san had the great idea to post a bunch of Missed Connections about him. These are the results. Ben, Mele, and I say thanks to everyone who did it! Ben especially says thanks! Tea Party […]

Real™ Truth Crack from Jimmy T. Crack’s Truth Crock Pot

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I came here to tell the truth and chew gum and I’m all out of gum. THIS IS NO CONSPIRACY THEORY. This is life. Information. Information is the key to everything.  It CONTROLS everything. And “he who controls the information, controls the world and his peers.” Lest it be known, the world is divided into […]

What’s that smell? I think it’s GOATSE and HOOBASTANK by MOBUTU SESE SEKO

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Retrieved from Et tu, Mr. Destructo?, the official blog of NOTORIOUS FORMER AFRICAN DICTATOR MOBUTU SESE SEKO You’d have to have absolutely zero presence on Web2.0 these days — or, as I like to call it, “living in your luddite hole” — to not know what’s been going on in Iran. Simply put, either leading mullahs […]

I NEED A DIME by Keleigh Apperson

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Part commentary on pollution, part commentary on drug use? WHO KNOWS!!!! Keleigh Apperson picks up every empty dimebag she finds on the street, under freeways, in national parks and puts them on her blog  Here, I am posting the pics of the dimebags, but you should really go to the site.  You can click […]