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Blog #15: A Blog-Ad for Holograhams™: They’re From the Future™!

Posted 07 November 2008 | By | Categories: Blog, Holograhams™, Media, Reality™ Products, Text, Videos by mike! | No Comments

I was blogging the recent coverage of the election of Barack Obama to the position of President of the United States of America, one of the highest things, when I thought, “Man what would it be like to blog for the President?”  Then I thought, “was that a hologram?”  More important than electing a multiracial, […]

When You Ride Alone, You Ride with Hitler! by Andrew David

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8:40 am Friday: I’m early for work, so I get a decent parking spot today. I “forget” to crack a window for Hitler again. “Ich bein suffokätten!” he howls. “No habla, herr führer,” I shrug, “no habla… heh, heh.” The morning goes by slowly. 11:55 am: Lunch. I go to the McDonalds drive-thru; they’re having […]

Blog #14: Halloween Hitler Blog

Posted 31 October 2008 | By | Categories: Blog, Johnny Propaganda, Media, Reality™ Products, Text, Watt Wilby Wilby | 9 Comments

The above German translates to “German Hand Blogs! Kiss ’em Back, Now, Y’all!” I know I said some awful things about the Internet and Blogs, but I take them all back! Not because I changed my mind, but because it’s almost Halloween and Politics Day and I’m scared! When I was little, I used to […]

Scary stories and videos by The Internet

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I hoped people would send me scary things, but I guess no one’s interested in reality anymore. they’re probably all outside.  so, in case you wanna get the real scared into you, here are some scary videos and stories i found on the internet: Scary Evil Talking Baby Doll Commercial There are all kinds of […]

“The Alchemist” by H.P. Lovecraft

Posted 31 October 2008 | By | Categories: H. P. Lovecraft, Media, Watt Wilby Wilby | No Comments

Here’s a scary story by H.P. Lovecraft, involving twisted architcture and races from the unknown realms just outside of perception.  Listen to it: or read it at: These were taken from , which is a free, online resource for books that are now in the public domain.  They are mostly from the […]

The Problem with Palindromes

Posted 10 October 2008 | By | Categories: Media, The Committe for the Understanding of Palindromes, Watt Wilby Wilby | No Comments

An article I scanned from the Journal of Modern Palindrome Studies.  Interesting stuff.

Blog #13: Blog Against Blogs (and Wikipedia)

Posted 10 October 2008 | By | Categories: Blog, Reality™ Products, Text | 1 Comment

I haven’t blogged in awhile. It’s because the internet is stupid. I used to respect the internet until I found out that it didn’t respect me because he she it they it found out that I was vandalizing wikipedia.  I hate the internet. I thought that we lived in a free society where everyone was […]

The Omega Point loves us by Claire Evans

Posted 03 October 2008 | By | Categories: Claire Evans, Media, Watt Wilby Wilby | No Comments

April 26, 2006 10:34 AM This is going to get deep. I heard recently on BBC World Service that the Malaysian space program, itself a weird offshot of a 900 million dollar defense deal Malaysia recently struck with the Russians, is beginning to take shape. The 854 applicants to the program have been narrowed down […]

Ben’s Midi Shack

Posted 25 September 2008 | By | Categories: Media, Pajama Newbert, Watt Wilby Wilby | No Comments

If you want cool midis go yourself and here is an interesting bit of information on the inventor of the rainbow!::

ESnet4 Helps Researchers Seeking the Origins of Matter by Linda Vu

Posted 09 September 2008 | By | Categories: Linda Vu, Media, Watt Wilby Wilby | 1 Comment

THE LARGE HADRON COLLIDER TURNS (ME) ON AT 3 AM EASTERN TIME TONIGHT/TOMORROW MORNING, SEPTEMBER 10TH: and now for the article written by Linda Vu, former writer for NASA and current writer for the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory: ESnet4 Helps Researchers Seeking the Origins of Matter Contact: Linda Vu, 510-495-2402, September 9, 2008 Approaching […]