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I hoped people would send me scary things, but I guess no one’s interested in reality anymore. they’re probably all outside.  so, in case you wanna get the real scared into you, here are some scary videos and stories i found on the internet:

Scary Evil Talking Baby Doll Commercial

There are all kinds of people living in the back street tenement houses in old Edo. One of them is Ashiya Dosan, the descendant of an Onmyoji who made a name for himself back in the Heian period. Unfortunately, unlike his forefathers, Dosan hasn’t made much of a living off the fortune telling and amulet peddling that he does.

One day, Dosan finds a slaughtered body along the edge of a pond in Yotsuya. It is the body of Iori Tamiya, the father-in-law of Iuemon Tamiya. Deeply saddened by the violent murder of her father, the enraged wife of Iuemon, Oiwa, begs her husband to seek revenge. Iuemon tells her “Your parents are just like my own,” but in reality, he has no intention of doing anything. In fact, the entire reason that he married into the family 3 years ago was to get away from life as a samurai.

Kihei, Iuemon’s boss had a mistress by the name of Okoto. In order to deceive his wife, who is crazed with jealousy, Kihei asks Iuemon to take Okoto as his bride. Knowing that Oiwa and her father Iori would get in the way of this, Iuemon takes the life of Iori.

Oiwa runs away from home with the help of Takuetsu, a masseur who is a family friend. Takuestu tries to take advantage of her, but she refuses. This prompts him to tell her that “Your husband sold you to me for 5 ryo.” After hearing this, Oiwa runs back to her family’s estate, and waiting there is her ex-husband Iuemon, who introduces his “new wife” to her. Takuetsu who had chased after Oiwa tells Iuemon that “she is mine now because you sold her to me.” Baffled by this, Oiwa runs away. Later she finds herself at the lake, and throws herself in…

The scene then switches to the Tamiya estate…suddenly it begins to thunder and the voice of a weeping woman can be heard. It is Oiwa. She tells Iuemon “I love you, and couldn’t die because I’m in too much pain and lonely without you. Please let me stay by your side.” Iuemon then takes her in. As she lies in bed sick, Kihei gives poison to Iuemon and tells him to “finish her off.” Iuemon begins giving her the “medicine.” After that, Takuetsu comes to see her with medicine in hand. Oiwa refuses to take his medicine. This makes Takuetsu feel miserable, so he tells her the truth about who really killed her father.

A short while afterwards, Iuemon comes to see how the poison is taking effect. What he finds is Oiwa with only half a face. “You killed my father, and now me…but I still care for you.” Hearing this, Iuemon stabs her with his sword and runs away, but she still chases after him. Iuemon pulls out his sword to stab her again but this time accidentally stabs Takuetsu. After running into Dosan on the street, Iuemon gives him money and asks him to take him in. It doesn’t matter where he runs to though, because the now dead Oiwa, continues to chase after him.

Next Iuemon runs to Kihei’s estate, and uses his sword on Kihei and Okoto. He then cuts his own throat. Oiwa, now looking more beautiful than ever, gently strokes the body of the deceased Iuemon.

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