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Blog #18: The Blog about the God

If “God” is a word and man invented language, then, linguistically speaking, humanity so closely resembles a god-like thing that it can be, for all intents and purposes, considered God. Creatures with unknown purposes and origins came into the world with “fabulous powers” (He-Man, 1983).  They were unsure of what they were and then complained about it for a long time. Then, after inventing skyscrapers, Hall & Oates, a giant underground thing that shoots micro-particles at each other, the internet, and so on, the things realized that they might as well be called God because of all the crazy things that they could do.

I heard that the Buddha nature was in all of us from Buddhism, that God is in all of us from Christ himself, that we can produce the Ubermensch from Nietzche, and a whole bunch of other words whose meaning can be taken apart and rearranged to create a definition of God where humanity plays judge, jury, and executioner of its own destiny. And certainly the combined knowledge of our race is something close to omniscience and our power close to omnipotence, right? The whole god concept reaches an asymptote where distinguishing the difference between god and not-god doesn’t matter anymore.

Or maybe before this, whatever this is, they knew explicitly they were God and chose to forget it so that they could have a crazy time for awhile here in this Universe. Whatever. Anyways…

This blog post is dumb. You’re all God, get over it!

And now, Alan Watts:

and here’s this too:

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