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T.D. Mischke and Reality

Ben Nyberg introduced me to this great radio DJ from Minnesota. I thought this particular clip on reality was appropriate for this site that has to do with reality. Bob calls in to joke around with Mischke, but little does he realize that his call to a po-dunk station in fly-over land, is about to lead into a heavy discussion about the very make-up of reality itself. 15:38

What is Reality?

Here is a cross post from Ben‘s blog that I hope can describe Mischke awesomely:

In 1986-1987, Mischke was known as “The Phantom Caller” on Don Vogel’s show, where he would randomly call in (without identifying himself) with tightly-written, thirty-second comedic interjections. He so amused the radio personality that he was invited to become Don’s sidekick on his show, Afternoon Saloon, on KSTP in 1992, during Vogel’s second stint in the Twin Cities. After the stint as a sidekick, Mischke was given his own program on am1500 in January 1994.


There’s not much I can say to describe how brilliant this guy is. I remember listening to one show where he got irritated.. or bored.. or something.. and decided to just be silent for the rest of his two-hour broadcast. I highly recommend listening to some of these archives (the top 11 is a good place to start).

He’s had his own show since 1994 (though he’s taken a few breaks due to depression). He was cancelled recently, but the City Pages in Minneapolis has recently given him a new show that you can listen to online.

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