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Paramilitary Panda: WWF Land Grabs Rooted in Covert Apartheid History

Posted 27 September 2019 | By | Categories: Media, Stories by mike!, Text | No Comments

by Michael Molitch-Hou In 2019, BuzzFeed News broke several stories detailing human rights violations by the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF). The publication found that, since 2009, as part of its “anti-poaching” efforts, the WWF has armed, trained, and funded paramilitary units, located in six different countries, that committed various abuses — torture, sexual […]

Mr. Squirrel Lager by Tim Anderson

Posted 10 October 2011 | By | Categories: Media, Miscellaneous, Reality Kitchen®, Reality™ Products, Tim Anderson | No Comments

Tim Anderson – who you might know from Masterchef UK, Occidental College, the Racine, WI ska scene or your English class in Tokyo, Japan – is releasing his first beer: Mr. Squirrel Lager! Tim says in his e-mail (dated 9/26/11) to me: Hey! I am releasing a beer, as you now know. And it is […]

Emperor X gets signed to Bar/None Records!

Posted 10 October 2011 | By | Categories: Audio, Emperor X (and friends), Media, Music by People Michael™ Knows, Reality™ Products | 2 Comments

After years of unlimited touring and endless recordings, Chad Matheny, aka Emperor X, gets signed to a major label, Bar/None Records. To celebrate, he had a record release party at Origami Vinyl in Los Angeles (Echo Park), CA. Buy the record. Or check it out on Spotify.

Remember books?

Posted 10 October 2011 | By | Categories: 90's book commercials, Media, Reality™ Products, Video, Video | 1 Comment

Remember those commercials from the 90’s where an angsty adolescent would give you attitude for not comprehending the post-modern product that he used? Remember books? Well, now they’re both back! We at the Reality™ Institute have updated your favorite commercials from that holy TV block known as “Saturday Morning Cartoons” to save that endangered art […]

“Little Boxes (Weed Fan Art)” by Mikey Valis

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Mikey Valis does it again with his tribute to showtime’s “Weed”! This time, using boxes!

Pennylane by John Lennon

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Part 5 of John’s Story, John Lennon’s audiobiography: 5 Pennylane

Ivanhoe’s Greatest Hits by Sir Walter Scott, read by Christopher Lee

Posted 21 July 2011 | By | Categories: Ivanhoe's Greatest Hits, Media, Reality Recordings | 1 Comment

In fact, Sir Lee did not carry me in his uterus for nine months and then give birth to me and then nurse me with life-giving pabulum from his bosoms.  Like most men with whom I am acquainted, Sir Lee is not possessed of the necessary faculties to have performed these tasks, and has anyway now long been too old and tired to attempt carriage were science even to permit it.

Destroy This Book by Byron Alexander Campbell

Posted 21 July 2011 | By | Categories: Art by People Michael™ Knows, Byron Campbell, Media, Reality™ Products, Video | No Comments

Michael Molitch-Hou™ reads Byron Campbell’s Destroy This Book

POP! by Mikey Valis

Posted 21 July 2011 | By | Categories: Audio, Give 'em Heaven, Media, Music by mike!, Reality™ Products, Video | 2 Comments

Mikey Valis’s stunning 3D video made entirely out of holograms, designed especially for the iPad or any screen lying flat on its back. A phantogram video! One of the first of its kind! For full effect, make it full screen and tilt your computer monitor to a 45 degree angle! Or watch it on an […]

Sig Alert by Emperor X

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The video for Sig Alert by Emperor X. Get music by the man at! AgfgfgkHghghkkkhkhGHGHG FREEWAY CLOSURE AGGHGHGGHHHCHCH, filmed live in a slightly-alternate universe in which California’s infrastructure has fallen victim to insurgent bombing campaigns, radioactive dust clouds, and hordes of religious extremist refugees with chronic immune disorders. Be ready, L.A. — CARMAGEDDON COMETH!