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Bernie! S20E16 sitcom starring Bernie Sanders for President

Bernie! S20E16 – A Sitcom Starring Bernie Sanders?

Posted 28 September 2015 | By | Categories: Reality™ Products, Video, Video, Videos by mike! | 6 Comments

Just came across this sitcom (50s or 60s?) about Bernie Sanders running for President of the United States of America. Interesting stuff! Not sure about the show, which seems to star a number of celebrities who support Sanders, but Bernie Sanders is the only presidential candidate that actually seems to care about people and resolving […]

The Reality™ Institute’s Sanctioned Entertainment

Posted 06 February 2012 | By | Categories: Reality™ Products, Video, Video | 2 Comments

Because all expos need some sort of break from the knowledge imparted in them, the Reality™ Expo had a series of readers/performers that read from various authorized manuscripts. Watch footage of their performances below!   Hillary Kapan Seth Blake Chelsea Trescott Byron Campbell Brian Pickett Patrick Benjamin

Remember books?

Posted 10 October 2011 | By | Categories: 90's book commercials, Media, Reality™ Products, Video, Video | 1 Comment

Remember those commercials from the 90’s where an angsty adolescent would give you attitude for not comprehending the post-modern product that he used? Remember books? Well, now they’re both back! We at the Reality™ Institute have updated your favorite commercials from that holy TV block known as “Saturday Morning Cartoons” to save that endangered art […]

Sig Alert by Emperor X

Posted 21 July 2011 | By | Categories: Audio, Emperor X, Media, Reality™ Products, Video, Video | No Comments

The video for Sig Alert by Emperor X. Get music by the man at! AgfgfgkHghghkkkhkhGHGHG FREEWAY CLOSURE AGGHGHGGHHHCHCH, filmed live in a slightly-alternate universe in which California’s infrastructure has fallen victim to insurgent bombing campaigns, radioactive dust clouds, and hordes of religious extremist refugees with chronic immune disorders. Be ready, L.A. — CARMAGEDDON COMETH!

The winner of the 2010 Reality™ Institute Short Film Festival (the Realzies™) is…

Posted 06 September 2010 | By | Categories: Colin Archdeacon, Media, Reality™ Products, Video, Video | No Comments

COLIN ARCHDEACON for his short film Congress of Miracle. Congress of Miracle from colin archdeacon on Vimeo. As you all know, there were a huge number of really great submissions and sifting through them was no easy task. But don’t feel discouraged! There’s always an opportunity to win a Real-Z™ next year. Thanks to everyone […]

Geek by Floriane Brin, Joris Dragoman, Julie Escoffier, and Yann Nivet

Posted 24 August 2010 | By | Categories: Floriane Brin, Media, Reality™ Products, Video, Video | No Comments

Geek Uploaded by kinosession_paris. – Arts and animation videos. Once a year, my roommate Ben gets French interns at his work Oskoui+Oskoui. They’re always great and friendly and French. This year, he got Flo who showed us a film her and her friends made for a French film series about computers. It’s made from a […]

Mark Jerome Growden plays the Handlebar Flute

Posted 24 August 2010 | By | Categories: Mark Jerome Growden, Media, Video | No Comments

So, we at The Reality™ Institute have been throwing these Happenings. We’re not sure exactly what we’re trying to do, but it involves music, art, community integration, and a thorough and stupid examination of the fundemental nature of the Universe. And Emily “Ramona Rae” Appenzeller somehow finds people to play our shows. Perhaps because she’s so […]

The Bastard Chairs of China perform at the Happening

Posted 30 July 2010 | By | Categories: Media, The Bastard Chairs of china, Video | No Comments

Max Martin, guitarist from the Bastard Chairs of China, plays a little: And is later joined by the full band:

The Deadlies perform at the Happening

Posted 30 July 2010 | By | Categories: Media, The Deadlies, Video | No Comments

First Troy, of the Deadlies, jams with a passing neighbor: Then, the full band rocks out:

Zach performs at the Happening

Posted 30 July 2010 | By | Categories: Media, Video, Zach (of Ostrich Head) | No Comments

Zach performs at the Reality™ Institute Happening.