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LA NEWS by William Kaminski and Evelena Ruether

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From 4/26/10 to 5/1/10, Control Room hosted L.A. NEWS, an installation by William Kaminski. For one week, the door was removed from Control Room allowing 24-hour unlimited access to a broadcast station within the space. What took place within the room was broadcast live on the web and monitors above the building to the streets […]

Light Ponderings at 5AM by Marty McCahill

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It’s a Sunday night and I can’t sleep.  I stay in my basement with a minimal amount of lights on.  I change some bulbs on desk lamps that I have strewn all over my basement to different colored lights.  I make it so each room of the basement has a different color.  Where my guitars […]

Teeming on the Earth by Mikey Valis

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Teeming on the Earth by Mikey Valis

The winner of the 2010 Reality™ Institute Short Film Festival (the Realzies™) is…

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COLIN ARCHDEACON for his short film Congress of Miracle. Congress of Miracle from colin archdeacon on Vimeo. As you all know, there were a huge number of really great submissions and sifting through them was no easy task. But don’t feel discouraged! There’s always an opportunity to win a Real-Z™ next year. Thanks to everyone […]

Geek by Floriane Brin, Joris Dragoman, Julie Escoffier, and Yann Nivet

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Geek Uploaded by kinosession_paris. – Arts and animation videos. Once a year, my roommate Ben gets French interns at his work Oskoui+Oskoui. They’re always great and friendly and French. This year, he got Flo who showed us a film her and her friends made for a French film series about computers. It’s made from a […]

Emperor X, Public Education, the fmly, and Opening Ceremony

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One track: Caricom Live via Chad. This is a live version of the title track from the Caricom album, which will be out later this year. Chad Matheny aka Emperor X has started to expand his band from a solo gig to an ensemble. At his very first practice, a handful of folks showed up […]

Truly Inspired by John Lennon

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Here is the second track off of John Lennon’s audiobiography. 2 Truly Inspired

Mark Jerome Growden plays the Handlebar Flute

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So, we at The Reality™ Institute have been throwing these Happenings. We’re not sure exactly what we’re trying to do, but it involves music, art, community integration, and a thorough and stupid examination of the fundemental nature of the Universe. And Emily “Ramona Rae” Appenzeller somehow finds people to play our shows. Perhaps because she’s so […]

Tamaghna Banerjee and You by Marty McCahill

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Between Tamaghna Banerjee and You Marty McCahill April 24 at 9:50pm hmm… how do i know you? Tamaghna Banerjee April 25 at 3:58am I am the drummer of a metal band , CHRONIC XORN from India We are releasing our debut album in May this year under Six Inch Nails records. It would be nice […]

Thumb Warz Ad + Mike Certifies the Happening

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Here’s a lil ad I made for the event: And here’s me certifying the Happening as real: