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Mr. Squirrel Lager by Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson – who you might know from Masterchef UK, Occidental College, the Racine, WI ska scene or your English class in Tokyo, Japan – is releasing his first beer: Mr. Squirrel Lager!

Tim says in his e-mail (dated 9/26/11) to me:


I am releasing a beer, as you now know. And it is certified Real™. I brewed it with a brewery in Scotland called BrewDog, and it’s an 8.2% black lager made with miso and toasted walnuts. It’s in kegs now and we’re launching it in London tonight, and then we took about half the batch and put it into Bourbon barrels with apples and we’re going to age that before releasing it. I’m attaching the label.

I couldn’t be happier or more proud to see my little Timmy grow up to win a TV cooking show and then release a beer based off of his own beloved cartoon character. You’ve come a long way and you’ve got a long way to go. Way to go, Tim! Thanks for ensuring that reality™ maintains its integrity by certifying your product as real™. Now, everyone can finally drink something that isn’t a pure figment of their imaginations. The endorsement of a real Masterchef! Thanks!

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