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OK TO GO by Claire Evans

OK TO GO from universe on Vimeo.

Chain of Hyper Space scenes from films.
Collaboration with Mike Merrill.

Part of the thing which is so appealing about Hyper Space scenes in films is the idea that something fantastic and unknown lies at the end of them. In fact, here are the primary uses of Warp Speed/ Hyper Space as plot device:
A) Tunnel to unknown.
B) Escape from danger via total oblivion.

Both represent a kind of inversion, or temporary lifting, of the accepted order. Other salient points:

1. Endless Journey
2. Forward Motion
3. Betrays our naive dreams about the domestication of space and of the unknown.
4. Pseudoscience.
5. Total Solitude.
6. Isolated from context, these scenes are not immediately discernible as being either inner or outer space. Inherently, travel through “Space” is a universal mental image.

all of this is from Claire Evans’s blog:

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