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The Next Generation

Posted 10 October 2008 | By | Categories: Media, Real™ Poems by mike! | No Comments

That was the final phase, Captain Jean Luke Picard stopped the ship and exited against his crew’s orders against his better judgement against all odds and he exited The men from the space mine were running away from the unknown disaster just down the tunnel and towards the safety of the ship But Captain Jean […]

OK TO GO by Claire Evans

Posted 03 September 2008 | By | Categories: Claire Evans, Media, Universe, Video, Watt Wilby Wilby | No Comments

OK TO GO from universe on Vimeo. Chain of Hyper Space scenes from films. Collaboration with Mike Merrill. Part of the thing which is so appealing about Hyper Space scenes in films is the idea that something fantastic and unknown lies at the end of them. In fact, here are the primary uses of Warp […]