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Blog #14: Halloween Hitler Blog

Posted 31 October 2008 | By | Categories: Blog, Johnny Propaganda, Media, Reality™ Products, Text, Watt Wilby Wilby | 9 Comments

The above German translates to “German Hand Blogs! Kiss ’em Back, Now, Y’all!” I know I said some awful things about the Internet and Blogs, but I take them all back! Not because I changed my mind, but because it’s almost Halloween and Politics Day and I’m scared! When I was little, I used to […]

Scary stories and videos by The Internet

Posted 31 October 2008 | By | Categories: Internet, Media, Watt Wilby Wilby | No Comments

I hoped people would send me scary things, but I guess no one’s interested in reality anymore. they’re probably all outside.  so, in case you wanna get the real scared into you, here are some scary videos and stories i found on the internet: Scary Evil Talking Baby Doll Commercial There are all kinds of […]

Browsers of the Web, E-nite! U Have Nothing 2 Lose But UR Links

Posted 24 October 2008 | By | Categories: Media, Real™ Poems by mike! | No Comments

As the internet loads, It takes some time for the words to format themselves, For some letters to capitalize.