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Read “Printing the Future, Today!” by Michael Molitch-Hou at

Posted 16 November 2012 | By | Categories: Reality™ Products, Stories by mike!, Text | 2 Comments

It’s a tale as old as time: the story of a time traveling door-to-door salesperson reflecting on the history of 3D printers and giving a nice overview of the technology for 21st century folks like you and me. Read it at! And don’t forget to see Mike read at Concord this Saturday’s ENTER>text from […]

Beetlemania! – Part 6 of “John’s Story”, the audiobiography of John Lennon

Posted 12 November 2012 | By | Categories: Audio, John's Story, Reality Recordings, Reality™ Products | 2 Comments

Part 6 of John’s Story, the amazing audiobiography of John Lennon, as read by John Lennon.  Find out what example these baby boomers set for the future of love in Beetlemania!

iPhone 5 is born from a Gossamer-thin Sac Somewhere in Guangdong Province by C.N. Fusumu

Posted 17 October 2012 | By | Categories: C.N. Fusumu, Reality™ Products, Stories by People Michael™ Knows, Text | 16 Comments

The following is the sensational screenplay by C.N. Fusumu from which the blockbuster, feature-length film of the same title is based (coming to theaters and VOD this Christmas), preceded by the query letter that made it all possible. Dear Hollywood Representation Directory,                Attached you will find a tantalizing preview of the first few storyboard […]

Welcome to Reality™: Control Room presents The Reality™ Institute

Posted 06 February 2012 | By | Categories: Miscellaneous, Reality™ Products | 18 Comments

[To best simulate the Expo Experience, listen to this track reading the article.] On December 17th, 2011, with parts and support from its parent corporation, Reality™ Incorporated Co., The Reality™ Institute held its first Reality™ Expo at Control Room in downtown Los Angeles. For the first time ever, patrons were able to get a visceral experience of what […]

The Reality™ Institute’s Sanctioned Entertainment

Posted 06 February 2012 | By | Categories: Reality™ Products, Video, Video | 2 Comments

Because all expos need some sort of break from the knowledge imparted in them, the Reality™ Expo had a series of readers/performers that read from various authorized manuscripts. Watch footage of their performances below!   Hillary Kapan Seth Blake Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal Chelsea Trescott Byron Campbell Brian Pickett Patrick Benjamin

The Reality™ Institute Video Loop

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As part of the Reality™ Expo, the Institute broadcast this 35 minute loop, an almost flawless simulation of televised media.


Posted 06 February 2012 | By | Categories: Miscellaneous, Reality™ Products | 1 Comment

A simple, elegant game illustrating the link between the player and the history of the Universe. Made using Unity3D and Processing by Michael Molitch-Hou with help from Hillary Kapan, Marc Nimoy, and Elijah Kleeman. [Download enn-weee! for Mac OSX] [Download enn-weee! for Windows]

The Unreliable Library

Posted 06 February 2012 | By | Categories: Byron Campbell, Graphic, Reality™ Products | 3 Comments

by Solipsis O. Nann   You can’t count on other people.  You don’t need us to tell you.  You mustn’t need us to tell you, or we never would.  You know. You’ve known it since your significant other left you stranded at the Senior Prom after driving your new truck through a loose field of […]

Sleep Creep XXX

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WARNING: This content is sexually explicit.  Make sure you really wanna see dirty parts before you click here.

Le Gout Du Sexe

Posted 06 February 2012 | By | Categories: Graphic, Reality™ Products | 1 Comment

an erotic piece of speculative fiction by artist and writer Scott Grunewald