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Welcome to Reality™: Control Room presents The Reality™ Institute

[To best simulate the Expo Experience, listen to this track reading the article.]

On December 17th, 2011, with parts and support from its parent corporation, Reality™ Incorporated Co., The Reality™ Institute held its first Reality™ Expo at Control Room in downtown Los Angeles.

For the first time ever, patrons were able to get a visceral experience of what reality™ might look like by interacting with a variety of simulated recreations of the reality situation. Replicas of various “rooms of the house” were displayed with lifelike accuracy, including appropriate paraphernalia, cultural decor, and media apparatuses all curated by a highly-ordained staff of Reality™ Specialists.

As you can see from this map (created by Evelena Ruether), the exhibit was designed to give each “room” a heightened sense of authenticity, with each cultural item devised with a high degree of specificity.

The “teen’s bedroom” for instance, included an almost flawless recreation of a genuine video game, a compact disc player with fabricated music, and pornographic comic books.

 The “parents’ office” was a highly detailed office simulation that included two different audiobooks (here and here), synthetic poetry, a small library, and a prosaic manuscript all carefully crafted to represent the tastes of the educated, uninformed class.

The living room broadcast on a 59″ screen an extremely realistic series of commercials, instructional videos and music videos, and other forms of propaganda on a 35 minute loop throughout the night.

Finally, there was the Reality™ Frontiers portion of the expo, which included projections into the future of the possibilities of reality™.

And, because all expos need some sort of break from the knowledge imparted in them, there was sanctioned entertainment from a variety of talented guests: Patrick Benjamin, Brian Pickett, Lan Phan, Byron Campbell, Chelsea Trescott, Seth Blake, and Hillary Kapan.  Throughout the night, our Reality™ Representatives (including Adria Bregani, Scott Grunewald, Jonathan Loney, Danielle Matich, Laurel Rosales) surveyed the patrons to ensure the authenticity of the simulation by asking quality feedback questions like “Does this feel real to you?” and “Is this really happening?”

Other Ordained Specialists included:
Melena Baralis
William Kaminski
Anthony Lowder
Oscar Moralde
Ben Nyberg
Dave Perry
Nancy Romero

Master of Ceremonies and CEO:
Michael Molitch-Hou™

All in all, the participants seemed to learn a great deal about reality™ and Reality™ Incorporated Corporation learned a great deal more…

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