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Why-to watch the Twin Peaks reboot:

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Living in the era of the reboot, it’s difficult not to be jaded by every revival that Hollywood throws up onto the silver screen, all over the boob tube, or into the internet. These efforts more often resemble a Pet Cemetery-style resurrection-for-profit than a genuine intent to extend the life of a piece of art, […]

Did you guys see the Oscars? What about the Emmys?

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Did you guys see the Oscars? I didn’t see Frost/Nixon, but based on the clip they showed,  I think the film did a good job trying to show our former president in a positive light. I never noticed how similar Colonel Tigh from Battlestar Galactica and president Nixon are until I saw this clip from […]

Blog #16: I blog you, Sheriff Truman. (the blog about Twin Peaks)

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Well, I normally wouldn’t do this, but I am required to talk about real things every once in awhile by our parent company Reality Incorporated Co..  They were watching a lot of Twin Peaks and thought it was so great that I had to blog about it.  I, personally, hate the show. Don’t get it.  […]