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An exchange between the Reality Institute and D[]An Ti’enne of the Turge Freakz

from: D[]An Ti'enne <D[]AnTi'enne@turgfreakz.4'33>
to: The Reality Institute <>
date: Sat, Dec 18, 2010 at 12:38 AM
subject: A message for The Reality Institute

Greetings fellow travelers of this cosmic universe,

My name is D[]An Ti’enne and I am a representative of The Turge Freakz, the ecstatic provocateurs of a think-tank on the 4’33 dimension of the astral plane.  You can find us by summoning the vShaman Overterre (Overground) via the vibrational frequencies of Gemini.  We have been kicked out of the Psychonautrxial Bootleggers Camp due to threateing the ego-authoritease through our playfulness, but as we wish to continue onward in our quest for truth(s), we have formed our own radikal disorganization to study and experiment with the various stimulacrumbs the universe has left for us.  Our name comes from “dramaturge,” as we wish to apply “dramaturgical thinking” to mediums, contexts and frameworks other than the sort of theatre that one might see a Shakespearan play in…rather, the theatre of life, the theatre of consciousness, the theatre of consciousness as it is channeled through the hand of the author and represented on the page.  Recently, a couple of us have been busy conducting experimental theatre labs in zero gravity; we have also been practicing various styles of lucid dreaming, and inquiring into the infinite potentialities that lurk just under the topography of the “fractal interiorities” of psychic space, and translating/reinterpreting ancient scriptures from our celestial ancestors.  As we are approaching 2012, we sense that we are entering a state of heightened awareness.  In fact, we have been called upon to announce the impending arrival of the Transhuman Potentialities Movement…the waves will come and come, as if something orgasmic is undulating, and we must be prepared to receive the knowledge that will be transmitted through this awakening and new era in the expansion of human consciousness.  A couple of our bardonaute(ur)s (one of whom you may know, as she lives mostly on the horizontal axis – that is, the realm of the visible) are developing a theory of psychedelicious critic;ism, articulating the sublingual turn in our understanding of the question of communication.  With the arrival of 2012 the world will only become yummier, offering an eclectic but exquisite tasting palette of flavors and textures of reality.  We are contacting you to see if you would be interested in furthering this dialogue…perhaps we could be a satellite correspondent/extension of The Reality™! Institute?  We would be interested in organizing various “encounter groups” to gyrate to the orgiastic frenzy of life and engage with different kinds/levels of awareness.  We encourage you to lick our eyeballs so that we may see better (I believe in your dialect that is referred to as “picking one’s brain”).

I hope that all is well with you.

Peace and Integral Consciousness,
The Turge Freakz

from: The Reality Institute <>
to: D[]An Ti'enne <D[]AnTi'enne@turgfreakz.4'33>
date: Sat, Dec 18, 2010 at 2:15 AM
subject: Re: A message for The Reality Institute

Turge Freakz of the 4’33 dimension,

Michael Molitch-Hou™ of the Reality™ Institute here. I think I speak for all of us at the Reality™ Institute when I say that, well, we’d love to further a pyschedelicious critic;ism with you. And I think I know one of your bardonaute(ur)s. Don’t know about the other one, but the one I know is a perfectly nice girl (that’s what we call them down here in the horizontal axis). A lot of Earth humans think the world’s going to end in 2012, but I definitely agree with you – should be quite a treat, a real paradigm shift. Hell, I think that the way we look at things is going to take a real turn! People’ll be a whole lot kinder to one another and we’ll really be able to get a lot of good stuff done, don’t you think? Don’t know how it is in the 4’33 dimension, but over here, it’s pretty rough. Did you know that most Earth humans don’t even believe in the multiple dimensions of the astral plane? Some of them don’t even know about the one that they regularly experience! So… yeah! That whole orgiastic, orgasmic, undulating knowledge-awareness-

consciousness thing sounds just… well – psychedelicious as apple pie! I’d love to lick  your eyeballs, as you say it, and you can feel free to pick my brain and vice versa! ‘d be down right proper! I’ve got a whole lot of thoughts about the theater of the consciousness and theater of life. For instance, I think that Shakespeare’s fine work is a kind of theater of life and theater of the mind. Just no one realizes it! Nothing gets much weirder than a bunch of fellas standing around on stage, dressed up in tights, and saying something incomprehensible (even if it makes sense in the context of our celestial ancestors,  the medieval English or what-have-you). Anywho, I do believe that the Truge Freaks might make a perfect contribution to the Reality™ Institute! Let’s see how it goes!

With love and satisfaction,

Michael Molitch-Hou™
The Reality™ Institute, founder and C.E.O.

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