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I came here to tell the truth and chew gum and I’m all out of gum.



Information is the key to everything.  It CONTROLS everything. And “he who controls the information, controls the world and his peers.” Lest it be known, the world is divided into semi-permeable classes from the poor to the well off to the rich to the super-rich. It is this last group of people who is in charge of the information which encapsulates our daily lives. And this blogicle is meant to act as a thorn in that lion’s paw.

The super-rich. Those who own the military-industrial-media complex. They hold the power over information. And they make the moves. They roll the power plays that swing our lives like tiddly-winks in a giant game of marbles. How do they do this, you might ask? I’ll tell you how. They own the means of production and the means to the reproduction of the means of production. In layman’s terms: $$$$.



The super-rich tell us to go to war when they want to go to war so that they can control more of the world’s resources so that they can ride jet skis and plan more wars and invest in more businesses. Then they hire regular schlamiels to do menial labor. They hire the not-super-rich to work in their factories, at their Foot Lockers, in their Mega-hospitals, their prison labor camps, just so that they can buy a new beamer. But WE ALREADY KNEW THAT!

What we don’t know is that they control the INFORMATION. These same men are the ones who own all giant corporations that control our media. THE NEW YORK TIMES, USA TODAY, WALLSTREET JOURNAL, NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, COMEDY CENTRAL. While we feel we’re getting a DIVERSE grab-bag of information, equal perspectives, and conflicting views, they’re still making money. It is the ILLUSION OF DIVERSITY. The ILLUSION OF DEMOCRACY.

Knowledge is not acquired. KNOWLEDGE IS CREATED. It is created by those who control the media. Because they have more money and influence and are “in the know”, they get to put whatever messages they deem fit onto the national airwaves. Their websites become more prominent. Their shows get more air time. Their commercials get more financing. If you have the $$$$, you can put any message on TV, in movie theaters, and on newsstands.


WHAT WE NEED TO DO: we need to OWN THE OWNERS and we need to CREATE OUR OWN KNOWLEDGE. Only in that way will they LOSE THEIR CONTROL OVER US.

The truth is that this blog will never have an influence as long as it lacks money and only a handful of people will see it. In that way, though this blog speaks the TRUTH, it does not speak the “TRUTH”. And that’s the REAL™ TRUTH.

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