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It Was Like a Movie From the 1970s by Joey Mac

a blog entry by Joey Mac about Soft-Core Alt. Prague Rock band Slide Theory from

Last Friday night, I was intrigued to attend Marty’s art party. Now, I know, most readers probably think that since I have a like of sports, that I don’t appreciate art, but indeed I do. Well, I guess I mostly do. Mike, Pat, and Marty’s songs were all great. I liked the mic talk, the stellar guitar, and the sincerity in their voices. I enjoyed Laura’s artwork immensely, and picked up a nice collage-print. The food was good, the crowd was good, and great conversations were had by all…Then something weird happened. A couple of psycho’s calling themselves an alt prog band came to the stage. It was just like one of those 1970s movies. You know what I am talking about. I am referring to one of those films where everything is going fine, the story is cool, the characters are likable, or interesting, or detestable, but at the least, you enjoy watching them–and then comes the ending. I guess I would describe it as weird yet sad. Perhaps eerie yet bizarre is a better phrasing.

I recall watching the madness begin when these maniacs approached the instruments looking just like the others who had come before. I thought I was in for some good old fashion singer songwriter stuff, with a prog and alt twist. I was stunned to hear and see what happenned next. These monsters proceeded to do their worst and befowl an American Suessian classic. The utter distaste lasted far too long, and it seemed that the lead “singer” was enjoying his baffling prose. The cruelty did not end for minutes, nay I say a quarter hour. The fun was gone. The art left lost in mindless rambling. This was our Altamont. I froze in terror and drove home in the cold Chicago night feeling violated. It was truely sick, yet diheartening. Their’s was a crime against sensibility. I turned up XRT. It was all I could do to stop myself from weeping.

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