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Death of the Hive Mind

This small insect spent a night of love and passion with what was considered by most horticulturists the most beautiful flower in the world. This particular breed of flower, which came from the ground and had roots that spread deep into the hollow Earth, populated the fields of Holland, underneath the windmills. The insect operated as many insects do, as part of a hive mind. Each one of the bugs was connected to the queen which controlled its every move and for which every thing was meant to satisfy.

His name was Xavier Cross and he was one of millions of Xavier Crosses that pollinated the fields of Holland. Something built inside him told him that he was to be the luckiest man in the world when he had found the right plant to pollinate. And, from high above, the flower radiated outward from its yellow center petals of gold and purple and orange. It was one of many flowers, but its pattern was etched in just such a way that Xavier Cross knew that he had finally found love.

He had been waiting for a long time, what would be soon defined as a lifetime, for the individuals of his species died after they had done what nature had planned for them to do. And, on the downward flight towards the most beautiful flower in the world, he hated himself for what was going to happen. There would be something that, for Xavier Cross, resembled Heaven. But, in reality, it was just a little bit of time and, the instant afterward, he would be dead again and leave the only thing that he had ever loved with a hole the size of Holland that could never be filled.

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