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E-mail from Dadi

My godmother Dadi bought 20 CDs from me today, The Clockophile and the Heliotropic Future Machine, which was really nice of her. I would have given them to her for free, but she insisted on supporting me. She’s a great lady and, hopefully, when she retires, we’re going to write a book about her together.  But, to show how nice she is, here’s an email she sent me.  I hope to upload a picture too when I get one.

from Dadi Ding <>
to Michael Molitch-Hou <>
date Fri, May 2, 2008 at 10:21 AM
subject Re: Website
hide details May 2
Hi, Mike, Thanks for the detailed explination of the musical producing process. It is still a little too technical for me. But I am learning and you are definitely helping me. I want to buy 10 CD’s from you, some I will sell to people and some I will give as a gift. You can give them to me when you are back here. I am so glad that you think I am supporting you and pushing you. I want you to know that I am always here to support you and I want you to have a dream and pursue the dream. Regardless of what dream you may have, it is important to have one. Otherwise life is meaningless. To pursue the dream is the hard part which requires devotion, energy, hard work and even life. I am only asking one thing from you that is NEVER TO GIVE UP. I may not understand your mission at first. But I will learn and eventually understand. You can help me on that. I will support you regardless of whether I understand or not because I trust you. If you change your pursuit to a different direction, that is fine too. People should always make adjustments during their lifetime.
I will make sure that your mom listens to the music.
See you soon in Chicago.


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