The Reality Institute

I would like to submit this article for your website. i would also like to be called one-eyed-jack

In other news i drank over a bottle and a half of whiskey tonight… but i’m still able to type and keep one eye open. you should be glad you’re the only person i would allow to see such type. i actually was reading for the past half hour some emails i sent to myself and after i read all of those i started to read some of the emails you had sent me. i thought it would be funny to go way back a couple months and respond to what you said back then but then after a page or two of stupid bullshit i decided to delete and just write from the groins of my heart. anyhow, my groins are saying goodnight. well, not yet.. but maybe i should end this email on a happy note… i mean i don’t want to get into my std situation… i mean my junk is a red and black war zone these days… but i don’t want to pain you with the pain i feel every time i try and make yellow pee come out my battered urethra. much love soldier. keep faith in the promised land.


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