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Complete All Problems. Please Show Your Work. by Michael Molitch-Hou

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As a part of ENTER>text, an interactive, temporal-spatial-dependent reading, Mr. Bonney, Michael Molitch-Hou’s high school geometry teacher, presented an introductory math lesson covering the basics of math. The lecture was a part of a book of poetry titled Complete All Problems. Please Show Your Work., which includes such poems as: Real Numbers and Possible Reactions […]

Why-to give your why-to guide an online presence by Michael Molitch-Hou

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It is becoming increasingly clear to most people that the developed world is completely inundated with media: feature films, short films, hour-long television dramas, sitcoms, webisodes, art, blogs, artblogs, microblogs, Twitter feeds, RSS feeds, books, ebooks, poetry, music, and advertisements plastered in, on, or around everything and the kitchen sink.  How is a short and […]

Personal Statements for an MFA in Creative Writing by Michael Molitch-Hou

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So, here are some essays I wrote when trying to write my personal statement for grad schools. I’m trying to get a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. So, feel free to read these if you like. They’re kind of entertaining maybe. That’s why they’re not stories, this is classified as a blog on […]

Michael Molitch-Hou™ : The Perfect Perpetual Motion Machine

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Here’s mike!’s video about Cole Trickle and his need for speed, urge to purge, and his allergy to allegories.  mike! will be playing with Nobody Likes You Friday the 13th, 2009 at around 11pm-ish at the Reality Institute Car and Grill. written, starring, directed, and music by mike!

Michael Molitch-Hou, Tim Anderson, and Dane Muckler’s Careers at Oxy

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Above is a low resolution scan from the Oxy Weekly. As a form of punishment, employees of the Occidental Weekly were asked to write about other employees and their careers at Occidental College and their futures.  I wrote Tim’s little bio and Tim wrote mine and then someone I don’t know wrote Dane’s.  Enjoy it […]

Michael Molitch-Hou, the Perfect Perpetual Motion Machine

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Michael Molitch-Hou, as he recreates himself eternally, is the perfect perpetual motion machine. Michael Molitch-Hou: the Perfect Perpetual Motion Machine