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Stovepipe Kingsley’s Dying Words

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To my impulsive friends: Let my words strike at the very core of your souls and make you rise up out of your chairs… for I have been shot. Shake your fists in anger and scream out to the ceiling, “Why?! Why have you forsaken me?!” Demand to know the perpetrator of this crime and […]

Publish this by JM

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Stagnation I Find Diamond Kaleidoscope Mind I Have No Focus

Stanley Has a Weight Problem

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Mr. Stanley Tolstoy is a forty-six year old human sponge. Now, this isn’t a figure of speech. Stanley’s an actual, genuine sponge. A surprising fact, really. His mother was especially surprised. The day her water broke, she didn’t see any water because her baby had absorbed it all. She just went right into contractions. Stanley’s […]

Results and Discussion

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Results and Discussion My colleagues and I have come to the conclusion that the life of our subject, Ms. Reilly, is a depressing one. Our results indicate that she makes us feel for her, although we cannot do anything for her. We cannot intervene, you know, so that we don’t skew the data. Personally, though […]

The Boy With Lights in His Eyes by Roberto Figueroa

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Across the street, children pressed two fingers against their lips and exhaled, pretending to smoke. The fog that covered the darkened town felt made of these breathes; sticky warm and based on pretend. The boy with lights in his eyes walked alone and un-costumed. The children hurried on. His sunglasses no longer worked. He couldn’t […]

Dear Mom

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Dear Mom, Things are good here. I guess you could say “all’s quiet on the western front.” God I wish I hadn’t said that. I don’t even know what the western front is. Although, I could look it up. Anyways, I’ve wrote it and that’s the point. As I was saying, things are good here. […]


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Wake up-2-3. Sob-2-3. Fetal Position-2-3. Twirl. Laugh-2-3. Shout-2-3. Mumble-2-3. Dip. Talk to self-2-3. Get evaluated-2-3. Paranoia-2-3. Sleep-2-3. Twirl We all have routines, a set pattern of things that we do everyday. Although, every once in a while, we divert from our normal behavior and do something entirely different. It’s just like dancing-2-3. Descartes said something […]

Welcome to the Reality Institute, Mike

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Welcome to the Reality Institute! If you’ve come here, Mike, you have stumbled onto a website designed to help Michael Molitch-Hou determine what is real and what is not realm a sort of way of retracing his steps into his person-hood. We are, in fact, a service institute, which can guide you through reality by […]