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Emperor X, Public Education, the fmly, and Opening Ceremony

One track:

Caricom Live via Chad.

This is a live version of the title track from the Caricom album, which will be out later this year.

Chad Matheny aka Emperor X has started to expand his band from a solo gig to an ensemble. At his very first practice, a handful of folks showed up (including Emily and I, plus: Blake Walker, Stephanie Gonot, and Brandon Bales) and, after learning 3 songs, all headed over to Indy 103.1 to play live on Public Education, an online radio show. Bloggers from Opening Ceremony were there. Check it out!

The guys from Public Ed are also part of a grassroots music/community movement called the fmly. And, if you heard teh show, you may have heard Jeff Taylor  play too.

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