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Here is an interchange between me and Tim that led up to the posting of this picture of me as a clown:

On Tue, May 13, 2008 at 5:29 AM, Tim Anderson <> wrote:
Why haven’t you put up my articles?!

On 2008/05/14, at 1:41, Michael Molitch-Hou wrote:
hey! hold on one gosh darn cotton picken second makin minute! Other people have sent stuff to me before you and in fear of not having enough stuff to put up, I am putting up one new thing a week. And because your thing is more like random, not like a story or poem or music or art, I was going to put up the first email next week. Katie had sent me her thing a long while ago for Taft. I was also thinking of putting up your squirrel or picture of me as a clown this week, but my computer’s at the shop, so I can’t. But next week it will be up, I promise. CALM DOWN! Also, I plan on sending stickers to Ben in LA to keep some stickers for you. Will that do?

Date: May 14, 2008 8:57:55 AM CDT

Oh I get it. I GET IT.



“More like random…” I’ll kill you!

Katie blah blah BLAH!

No squirrel. Clown instead! CLOWN!


HEY I FORGOT TO TELL YOU. I HAD A DREAM THAT WAS SO FUNNY THE OTHER DAY THAT I WOKE MYSELF UP LAUGHING. I CAN’T REMEMBER THE DETAILS, BUT IT WAS BASICALLY YOU AND ME AND JORDAN AND WE WERE ALL MIDDLE-SCHOOL STUDENTS AND WE KEPT MAKING WISECRACKS IN CLASS AND THEY WERE hilarious! I got up to pee and I really hoped I could have re-entered the dream when I went back to sleep but I couldn’t. After that I had a really freaky dream in which there were thousands of teeny-tiny leeches in Laura’s bed and I couldn’t see them all over my body and my junk because I’m so hairy and they just looked like hair. But if you squeezed them, they oozed blood.


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