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My Online Interview with my supervisor Richard Owen of Craigslist

mikeboxmichael.molitchhou: Hi, I submitted my resume to be a data entry clerk

richardowen_147richardowen_147: hi
Offline : richardowen_147 has signed out.

richardowen_147richardowen_147: you ready

mikeboxmichael.molitchhou: sure
richardowen_147 richardowen_147: What’s your Fullname,sex and where are you currently located ?

mikeboxmichael.molitchhou: Michael Molitch-Hou, male, river forest, illinois

richardowen_147richardowen_147: Why do you want this job,

mikeboxmichael.molitchhou: In order to earn some money.

richardowen_147richardowen_147: what do you understand by the term “pettycash

mikeboxmichael.molitchhou: a small amount of discretionary funds in the form of cash used when a check is not practical

richardowen_147richardowen_147: are you currently employed ?

mikeboxmichael.molitchhou: no
richardowen_147richardowen_147: How would you describe your work ethics and are you comfortable with the fact that this is an online/work from home job?

mikeboxmichael.molitchhou: I have a strong work ethic and usually work on my own pretty well. I am comfortable with the fact that this is an online/work from home job.

richardowen_147richardowen_147: Do you know how to make use of ms excel and whats ur typing speed ?

mikeboxmichael.molitchhou: I have some knowledge of excel. My typing speed is probably about 60 wpm, but I haven’t taken a typing test in awhile
Why did you ask me about petty cash?
richardowen_147richardowen_147: This is a work from home job where you will be doing data entry(accounting related)work will be sent to you daily via emails and u are to submit work back to me at the end of the day via email…i will be your supervisor. The pay for this job  is $24.00/hr,Monday through Fridays,7hrs a day (Full-time)8am-3pm daily,you will be getting paid bi-weekly

mikeboxmichael.molitchhou: Can you describe the data entry a little more? Also, how would I get paid?
richardowen_147richardowen_147: You will be working for TECHNICAL ANALYSIS, INC. and you will be paid every two weeks either via check,paypal,bank transfer or money orders…whichever you prefer is fine
mikeboxmichael.molitchhou: Ok. can you tell me an example of what kind of data I might be entering?
richardowen_147richardowen_147: You will be needing some data entry softwares for this job
mikebox michael.molitchhou: Like what?
richardowen_147richardowen_147: QuickBook and BS 1 proffesional accounting software
mikeboxmichael.molitchhou: How might I get a hold of those?
richardowen_147richardowen_147: the company will provide you with funds for there purchase via money orders…
mikeboxmichael.molitchhou: I was actually told never to trust someone telling me that I would buy something using money orders
richardowen_147richardowen_147: I will email a detailed location where it can be purchased. The money orders will come to your house address via Ups courier service or FedEx courier service
mikeboxmichael.molitchhou: will the email of the detailed location be graphic?
richardowen_147richardowen_147: You will have to email your contact information to me at the end of this interview
mikeboxmichael.molitchhou: Can we set up an in person interview? Or can you at least email a photo?
richardowen_147richardowen_147: Once this payment is delivered to you, you are to pocess them, make the necessary deductions for the softwares and also $100.00 deduction for yourself as a signing bonus..
mikeboxmichael.molitchhou: Can we make that $100,000.00?
richardowen_147richardowen_147: You are to get them cashed at your bank and make necessary deductions
mikeboxmichael.molitchhou: I don’t have a bank
richardowen_147richardowen_147: There will be a balance after the deduction for the softwares and deductions for your signing bonus. The balance is to be sent to the campanies Shipping Agent
mikeboxmichael.molitchhou: I think you mean company’s. But, I don’t have a bank, so…
richardowen_147richardowen_147: The shipping Agents information will be emailed to you along with details of the expected payment
Are we together
mikeboxmichael.molitchhou: I don’t know. Where are you? I think I’m alone. At least…. I feel alone…
richardowen_147richardowen_147: You are to make that transfer to him via Money Gram or Western Union. This is to effect shipping logistics for the equipments that will be shipped to you…
mikeboxmichael.molitchhou: Equipments? I’m on a lot of meds and the doctor said I’m not to use any equipments for at least two weeks. Will this affect my job performance?
richardowen_147richardowen_147: once you get the data entry softwares you start your training…
mikeboxmichael.molitchhou: Good good. I haven’t trained since the summer months and I really need to get in shape
How many softwares will there be?
richardowen_147richardowen_147: you’re also expected to come online daily 8am your time for updates concerning the Money Orders you are expecting
mikeboxmichael.molitchhou: Done and done. whatever you say sir. Do you ever wonder about God?
richardowen_147richardowen_147: You will be sent an email regarding how you want your payroll and working schedule. I want you to send me an email now with your contact details so that your information can be documented
Your Fullname………
Contact address…….
Home and cell phone #…..
mikeboxmichael.molitchhou: Ok, just oooooooooooonnnnnnnnne sec

richardowen_147richardowen_147: send it now                  what
mikeboxmichael.molitchhou: I’m sending it. Just gimme a gd minute

what’s your a/s/r?
richardowen_147richardowen_147: what do you mean
mikeboxmichael.molitchhou: like m/f, b/w, etc
im m,22,w
hey, while we’re talking and getting together and everything, can I give you a business proposition?
i figure, you’re my supervisor now and everything
richardowen_147richardowen_147: yes                 but not today
mikeboxmichael.molitchhou: But after today the offer will be off the table! It’s a real hot tip I got from a buddy of mine
richardowen_147richardowen_147: am too busy for that
mikeboxmichael.molitchhou: Too busy to own a piece of history? To earn a fortune?

richardowen_147richardowen_147:okay                go on
mikeboxmichael.molitchhou: Ok, well… it’s one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States, stretches 5,989 feet (1825 m) over the East River, connecting the New York City boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn (on Long Island).
And a guy my buddy knows is taking investments to actually own a piece of the bridge. He’s got an investment firm
You interested? We could do the money order thing again
Like, you send me a check for your piece of the investment
And I’ll cash it and give it to the guy
what do you say?
richardowen_147richardowen_147: dont worry
mikeboxmichael.molitchhou: Hell, buddy, I’m not worried! It’s you who should be worried if you don’t take this deal.
richardowen_147richardowen_147: i dont need                     i dont need it
mikeboxmichael.molitchhou: We get to be members of a new, elite investment firm: S.C.A.M.
and you’re saying you don’t need it
can’t you just see your name richard owen engraved on a plaque right on the Brooklyn Bridge?
And, today, the deal closes
You could bring your wife and kids there, buddy, and say, “Hey, honey, kids, look! It’s my name!
You know why it’s there?
I’m a part owner of this luxurious development in modern transportation: the bridge!”
You in?

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