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Blog #7: Blahg

oh, boy, am i in the dumps today. i hardly even feel like capitalizing… but, alls well that ends well i supose. i hardly even feel like spell churking.

youre prubabably wondering y im so depressed huh? well, i recenlty found out that the rain forest is being cut down! did you know that? if i can’t find a way to rationalize this, i’ll probbaly go crazy. maybe even kill someone. no probably not. but who knows? anyways… all those prtety trees in front of my parents’ clinic are being cut down because the bolivian government said that anyone who’s not using their land is going to have it taken away. so they’re chopping it all down and planting sugar cane, which is considered and industry that will help the ocuntry and the people make money to be strong. so the gov’t won’t take it now. que mal. that means what bad. or how bad. who even cares. here’s a pic of the destruction:

now i put my head in my hands and am looking down and can hardly type.

When they started the cutting, our friend douglas, co director of the clinic, bolivian coordinator, was trying to get the driver to stop, but the driver of the kill machine said he couldn’t because he needed to get paid and that he needed to feed his family. This is douglas stopping hte bulldozers by crying:

so it wasn’t his fault, he had very little other choice. though it could have been his fault that snakes starting coming out of hte trees when he cut them down. who knows who’s fault it was. here’s a snake that got killed in the tree cutting:

in case your wondering, a rainforest is a forest made out of rain and that makes the earth more comfortable. It looksl ike this:

it’s bad news if it’s cut down they tell me for many reasons, but because we use so much paper and there are so many people in the world and crops that people are making so that they can sell the crops
so they’re chopping it down in front of our very eyes and it was so pretty and recently i learned that animals live there and they’re probably cute. then a doctor told me that the trees make oxygen for us and eat carbon dioxide, which might not be breathable. also tha tthere are less and less rain forests everday. i guess we won’t be comfortabel anymore. maybe if people weren’t so worried about making money, beacuse the people cutting down this specific rainforest are pretty rich and don’t even like us because we have this medical clinic in the middle of all of their land (like a blemish on a pre-teen’s face). so if they were cool, everything would be alright. but who knows.

anyways. my mom always says, “mike, look on the bright side or i’ll give ou something to look on the bright side about,” and she raises her hand in the air. then my dad says, “don’t make me turn this car around, Dr. Susan Hou,” that’s my mom. Then dad turns the car around and my mom pouts the whole way home. so, the moral is, i should look on the bright side:

1. I have a baby niece, Maya, who’s cute and thinks she can talk:

2. a cute side-niece, cousin removed thingy, Ella, the daughter of my cousins Peter and Gale.  Peter’s brother Robert thinks she’s cuter than my niece even though it’s not a competition robert (the other pictures are of robert, peter, and gale, my cousins)

3. a babysitter baby, Madeline, and her sister, Heloise, who is not related by blood but by are the children of my babysiter, Anqi, and her husband, professional football player John Robertson:

4. at least they’ll kill all those disgusting bugs that live int eh rain forest. Also, my brother Ethan is engaged. Here’s a picture of the ring he gave his fiance, Bati:

…(sigh) mike… that’s so gross

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