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Blog #3: You Can Blog If You Want To, Your Friends Don’t Advise It, But If They Don’t Advise It, Well I’m Not Sure You Should Be Friends With Them In the First Place.

So this blog started off great! Last time I blogged (which was not nearly soon enough, you know how it gets), I was in Bolivia and there was a big whole hubbub, Bub, about a thing called “autonomia”. It’s very complicated, so I’ll illustrate it with a drawing in microsoft paint:

This picture should answer any questions about what I witnessed during the governmentally deemed illegal, racially and geographically charged, vote for an autonomous government in the department of Santa Cruz and the interactions between the two groups of people “for” and “against” it.

When I got in the airport in Miami, I felt good to know that I was in the United States where I could walk the streets safely knowing that, unlike Bolivia, the police have never willingly shot tear gas at its citizens and no racial bad things ever happen and that I could eat Dunkin Donuts.

You know? It feels awfully strange to blog on an American computer. Ooh, it’s a feeling that gives you the creeps. Oh well! I guess I’ll get used to it.

The Reality Institute is starting to make a big hit. I gave lots of folks stickers and now they are all running around the world helping everyone out by telling them what’s real and what’s not by putting Certified Reality Logo™s all over the place. My friends and I already witnessed the Realization™ of a magazine in a grocery store, a macintosh computer, a bar mirror, several t-shirts, and the abstract idea of liberty. Maybe soon there’ll be pictures up!

I got to see all sorts of old friends, and even made a couple of new ones old. We drank beers and played darts and ate sub sandwiches and regaled stories about fart jokes. I couldn’t stop talking about Steve Martin. Friends are fun!

I am actually back here in the States because my brother is going to graduate from medical school, which is a school that teachs you to be medical, and to attend my aunt Mimi’s funeral. She had passed away recently and it was very sad because she was a beautiful person and loved by everyone. It was nice to see my family, my cousins and uncle and sister and brothers and niece and parents, to all get together and look at photos and remember her well. She was really great and everyone knew it. My uncle wrote a very sweet obituary and her eulogy was very fitting too. I thought about putting the obit in this website, but decided that it was not an appropriate thing to do. But, in all sincerity, she was the best. So, if they get the internet wherever you are, Mimi, thanks for being a great person and aunt.

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