The Reality Institute

Welcome to the Reality Institute, Mike

Welcome to the Reality Institute! If you’ve come here, Mike, you have stumbled onto a website designed to help Michael Molitch-Hou determine what is real and what is not realm a sort of way of retracing his steps into his person-hood. We are, in fact, a service institute, which can guide you through reality by providing you assistance when necessary through instructional videos and products, all created by and for Michael Molitch-Hou, funded by our parent corporation the Reality Incorporated Corporation.

Though we are still under construction, we hope to provide proof to Mike of what is real, using information, artifacts, and photos from his life. Mike, you can rest assured that all things with the Certified Reality Product seal are indeed real things that you can believe, love, and trust. You may also what to provide day to day events or “happenings” in a story or blog format to ensure that you are Michael Molitch-Hou and that these are the things that Michael Molitch-Hou does daily.

Additionally, for those of you who wish to provide proof that Michael does exist in the physical world, we will provide a store of Reality Products sealed with the Certified Reality Product seal so that you can know you are using real products in Michael’s universe.

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