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Rooftop Nights #1 by Marty McCahill

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I was in a crowded apartment party in the heart of a trendy area in Chicago. I knew it wasn’t going to be much fun so I decided to drink like crazy. My girlfriend had dragged me to come; one of her co-workers had been promoted so she was having a party for herself I […]

The Combined Efforts of Ashley Henning, (and this time, Michael Molitch-Hou) and the Archdeacon of Colin pt. 1

Posted 22 June 2008 | By | Categories: Ashley Henning and Colin Archdeacon, Media, Stories by People Michael™ Knows | No Comments

Holy shit! I didn’t realize what I was seeing until I really saw. You write upon some shit, some thing, some book- like zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance- and your fucked up brain can only say buffalo wings, chain gang, but always summertime. “Who came up with suggesting that there are books you […]

Reasons to Run by Roberto Figueroa

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Reasons to Run Alexander shifted the garbage with his feet. He stared at the refuse, and ran his eyes over every used coffee filter and crumpled paper. His feet moved slowly, spreading out the garbage until only the lawn showed beneath. Alexander looked for several more minutes, and then went back inside his house. “Honey!” […]

The Boy With Lights in His Eyes by Roberto Figueroa

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Across the street, children pressed two fingers against their lips and exhaled, pretending to smoke. The fog that covered the darkened town felt made of these breathes; sticky warm and based on pretend. The boy with lights in his eyes walked alone and un-costumed. The children hurried on. His sunglasses no longer worked. He couldn’t […]