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Marketplace Musicals by Mustachio and Oxy

These are musical outbreaks that took place at my alma mater Occidental College that I found through Nicholas Gitomer’s blog Expanses. I’m proud that it took place at Oxy and not at some other poopshoot. The first is “Somebody to Love” by Queen and the second is “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey.

I thought I’d post this blog-letter Nicholas was working on too:

Working on a letter of indignation in response to the recent decision of my alma mater, Occidental College, to require students to live on campus through their Junior year!

Because the College regards the residential experience as an integral part of an Occidental education, all students are required to live on campus for their first three years. This allows everyone to help build a strong sense of community and enjoy the many student clubs and extracurricular activities that are available. These choices make it possible for you to pursue your multiple interests — from music and rugby to politics and dance — at Occidental.” from here.

Best sentence of my rambling freewrite of a letter draft so far: “What this policy could end up doing is effectively turn a once-venerable cultural and educational institution into a playground for the rich.”

Pretty ridic they would do this when not even POTUS wanted to live at Occidental for more than a year.

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