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human skull, any condition by Ben Nyberg

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Honestly, I’m not trying to be a d*ck, but do you really think you can get a real human skull for $15 – $20???
If you’re serious about buying one, contact me, but we’re talking in the $250 – $300+ range…
Good Luck,
PS~ If you find anyone selling them for 20 bucks PLEEEEEEASE LMK

Who would have thought the guy who knows where to get real human bones would be into stuff like this:
And cut his internet username, DethCheez, into his back like this:
That all said, he was a pretty nice guy. And if you’re in the market for dead human parts, he offers some great resources.
I collect human skulls / bones {so I kind of know the price ranges} & you would be Lucky to find one under $200 at the very cheapest…
You can’t even get a half way descent replica for $15 – $20…
I just had a skull cap & a few misc. bones sell on eBay for $200…
Other then hoping to get lucky on eBay You can try contacting~
Skulls Unlimited International ~
I know they sell broken & damaged pieces for cadaver dog training / But then again a Patella (knee cap) cost $25…
Good luck in your search / Hope you find what you’re looking for,

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