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this is a song by marty “MarzBarz” mcCahill.

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  1. Mike 18 April 2008 at 8:05 am #

    remember how it used to feel
    when you weren’t so sad?
    how many times have i made this plea?
    kneeling by your bed
    cold whiskey maybe half the bottle
    maybe then, the other half
    stumble over to my corner
    i can’t believe that you are dead

    chorus 1
    cannot see the light these days
    i know you said to stay away
    South America has taken me
    back to a drugged up state

    call my friend its sort of late
    he might be drunk but it can’t wait
    i need to speak my native tongue
    and hear it spoken back to me

    chorus 2
    i’m twenty something and confused
    i’m not sure which drugs i should use
    enough for the evening
    or enough for the wake

    i see your body lying there
    i see your smile disappear
    what happens now my old friend?
    please tell me this isn’t the end

    first chorus

    flying home to illinois
    take morphine to fill a void
    take a nap to clear my head
    woke up on a hospital bed

    second chorus
    first chorus

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