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Allow Me

Allow Me

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  1. Mike 17 April 2008 at 7:40 am #

    This thing that I am, whatever it is, can do what it wants to and I have no say at all.
    This thing that I am has a brain and it tells me what it wants to and I think it’s amazing and all.

    This thing we’re trying to get through, whatever it is, has teeth like a cougar. And then, sometimes we will fall like we’re nothing at all.
    This thing we’re tying to get through, whatever it is, has wind like a hurricane. And it gets really pretty in the fall.

    And the day comes and we can look up at the sky and we can feel the sun and the wind against our faces. We can scream in all the colors like they’re oxygen, like we really need them. And it seems like that’s the best that we can do, we can try to get each other through, even though it feels like we’re in different rooms, we’re all together. And this thing whatever that it is and these wiggly things that I call my lips, they’re telling me that this is how I live: I live it live.
    We have no say at all.

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