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Life is Bullshit episode 1 by Mark Brinker and Henry Ferreira

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Life is Bullshit is the irreverent talk show/group therapy/community service fulfillment audio project from your friends Henry Ferreira, Mark Brinker, and Juan Garcia. Join them as they go on an emotional voyage through topics as broad and diverse as “Is it recording?”, “What did you eat today?” “What do you mean it wasn’t recording?” “Let’s […]

Dear Mr. Asshole by BBalls McGee

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From the desk of The Reality™ Institute [seal misplaced] Mr. Asshole Ashland and Augusta River Forest, IL 60305 Dear Mr. Asshole, Let me be honest, I have put this letter off for quite some time, my apologies for committing such a disservice. It was during the Halloween “season” in which I passed your house while […]

My Online Interview with my supervisor Richard Owen of Craigslist

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michael.molitchhou: Hi, I submitted my resume to be a data entry clerk richardowen_147: hi Offline : richardowen_147 has signed out. richardowen_147: you ready michael.molitchhou: sure richardowen_147: What’s your Fullname,sex and where are you currently located ? michael.molitchhou: Michael Molitch-Hou, male, river forest, illinois richardowen_147: Why do you want this job, michael.molitchhou: In order to earn […]

William Howard Taft by Wikipedia

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William Howard Taft (September 15, 1857 – ?) began as an American mathematician, but it has recently come to our attention that that was only a costume or mirage so that he may continue his work through our world without being discovered. He was an American politician, the 27th President of the United States, the […]

TRENDWATCH 2009! Part ONE by Max Read

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A blog entry from Max Read’s mind grapes dot edu. Mind Grapes: Gain Knowledge by eating Mind Grapes. HEY FOLKS! Wow, what a year we’ve had!! I graduated from COLLEGE, the PHILLIES won the OLYMPICS, BARACK OBAMA won THE BIG ELECTION (remember that guy?! LOL!), and of course the world kept turning! In fact, it […]


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From Ben Nyberg’s blog what it do: Like, I’m not that into fashion or whatever. I try to dress cool but only so I can infiltrate the cool kids circle and date their women. But I don’t read about fashion nor do I know who any designers are, really. Until today. I keep seeing these […]

It Was Like a Movie From the 1970s by Joey Mac

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a blog entry by Joey Mac about Soft-Core Alt. Prague Rock band Slide Theory from Last Friday night, I was intrigued to attend Marty’s art party. Now, I know, most readers probably think that since I have a like of sports, that I don’t appreciate art, but indeed I do. Well, I guess I […]

Genrecore Already! by Jen Hippstarr

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Hey guys.  It’s been awhile since you last heard from your good friend Jen Hippstarr.  I know, right? Last time I think it was “Fuck Starbucks! I just made a Mochachino by mixing my coffee with the milk from my Cocoa Puffs”.  Well, I’m back with something even bigger. Bigger than big. Huger than huge. […]

When You Ride Alone, You Ride with Hitler! by Andrew David

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8:40 am Friday: I’m early for work, so I get a decent parking spot today. I “forget” to crack a window for Hitler again. “Ich bein suffokätten!” he howls. “No habla, herr führer,” I shrug, “no habla… heh, heh.” The morning goes by slowly. 11:55 am: Lunch. I go to the McDonalds drive-thru; they’re having […]

Blog #14: Halloween Hitler Blog

Posted 31 October 2008 | By | Categories: Blog, Johnny Propaganda, Media, Reality™ Products, Text, Watt Wilby Wilby | 9 Comments

The above German translates to “German Hand Blogs! Kiss ’em Back, Now, Y’all!” I know I said some awful things about the Internet and Blogs, but I take them all back! Not because I changed my mind, but because it’s almost Halloween and Politics Day and I’m scared! When I was little, I used to […]