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I tried as hard as I could but I could not I could not try any harder but I could not win I could not win any worse than I did. I blame the wide end receiver.

Blog #8: Too much Blog? Why not Blog?! (The Hollow Mike Theory)

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I haven’t blogged in about two weeks, I guess. My loved ones caught up with me. They told me they were worried about my blogging, said I was “blog-dependent”, which is one way of putting it. Another way of putting it is “blog-scendent”. They took my computer away and said I couldn’t blog until I […]

Beetle Bailey Caption Contest by Alexander Santillanes

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Now, we all know that Beetle Bailey is as sharp today as it was 100 years ago when the strip began as a light-hearted satire of the US’s occupation of the Dominican Republic. Since then, the strip has never shied away from controversial topics, as in recent years when it’s tackled sensitive issues ranging from […]


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WHAT MY SISTER TAMARA SAYS ABOUT KIDS WRITING WHEN THEY ARE LITTLE By Michael “The Madman Fighter” Molitch-Hou I talked to my sister, Tamara Eleanor Molitch-Hou-Wolhwend-Hou-Molitch (who changed her name to be more palindromic), the other day. I said, “Hey, big sis!” and I meant big, “Remember growing up?” She said, “No.” I said, “Sure […]

Blog #7: Blahg

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oh, boy, am i in the dumps today. i hardly even feel like capitalizing… but, alls well that ends well i supose. i hardly even feel like spell churking. youre prubabably wondering y im so depressed huh? well, i recenlty found out that the rain forest is being cut down! did you know that? if […]

Blog #6: The Blog to Begin All Blogs!

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This is a very important blog. You know, I never used to blog. My brother really was the one who got me into it. He chose his words carefully and said to me calmly and patiently, “Mike, if you don’t blog, I’m gonna punch you in the junk.” How could I argue with that? So […]

“i bought a ticket, lost a ticket, had to buy another ticket then got off at the right stop on a multi stop bus without signs or anouncements saying where we were” by Lauren Valbracht™

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The following is an e-mail from my friend Lauren who just went to Costa Rica which has a very rich coast. She’s studying grasshoppers I think: but i’m here! Attached are my bed (eventually with two more people i think) and view from porch tomorrow: look for a spider. I was writing emails then Terry […]

Blog #5: The Blog with The Reality Institute™!’s Instructional Video #1 In It

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So the other day our parent company, Reality Incorporated Co., made me do an instructional video on how to tell if things are real or not. I had no choice! But, I loved doing it. It gave me a chance to show the world how they could tell if stuff was real or not, which, […]

Publish this by JM

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Stagnation I Find Diamond Kaleidoscope Mind I Have No Focus

Blog #4: The Final Blog to End All Blogs! (or Michael™s Republic)

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Ladies and gentleman, I was blogging hard today. Real hard. Too hard. And you know? It got me bloggin’. I was playing some video games and hanging out with some friends. One of them is trying to figure out what to do in his life, what kind of job he should be looking into, and […]