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Here is an interchange between me and Tim that led up to the posting of this picture of me as a clown: On Tue, May 13, 2008 at 5:29 AM, Tim Anderson <> wrote: Why haven’t you put up my articles?! On 2008/05/14, at 1:41, Michael Molitch-Hou wrote: hey! hold on one gosh darn cotton […]

Painting Gallery

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Now, all of the paintings will be together in a gallery, which should make it faster to load and stuff.


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This is an album dedicated to Veronica Ribera. Happy Birthday!

Blog #3: You Can Blog If You Want To, Your Friends Don’t Advise It, But If They Don’t Advise It, Well I’m Not Sure You Should Be Friends With Them In the First Place.

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So this blog started off great! Last time I blogged (which was not nearly soon enough, you know how it gets), I was in Bolivia and there was a big whole hubbub, Bub, about a thing called “autonomia”. It’s very complicated, so I’ll illustrate it with a drawing in microsoft paint: This picture should answer […]

Cold Stone Creamery is Corrupting Traditional American Values by Katie Jacobson

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Entering Cold Stone Creamery, one is assaulted with the smell of numerous flavors of ice cream and the nearly countless toppings available to be mixed in to this ice cream. The staff, permanently cheerful, allows one to sample ice cream flavors before committing to a “Creation” (Cold Stone’s name for the unique ice-cream-and-topping mixtures they […]

You’re gone

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by my cousin Mood Weirdmore (Robert Kaye) You’re gone

Results and Discussion

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Results and Discussion My colleagues and I have come to the conclusion that the life of our subject, Ms. Reilly, is a depressing one. Our results indicate that she makes us feel for her, although we cannot do anything for her. We cannot intervene, you know, so that we don’t skew the data. Personally, though […]

The Boy With Lights in His Eyes by Roberto Figueroa

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Across the street, children pressed two fingers against their lips and exhaled, pretending to smoke. The fog that covered the darkened town felt made of these breathes; sticky warm and based on pretend. The boy with lights in his eyes walked alone and un-costumed. The children hurried on. His sunglasses no longer worked. He couldn’t […]

Obama Breaks, Forcefully, With Ex-Pastor Over Fired Remarks that he is a Simulacra Humanoid Robot

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Senator Barack Obama broke forcefully on Tuesday due to comments made by his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., in an effort to curtail a drama of race, values, patriotism and betrayal that has enveloped his presidential candidacy at a critical juncture. At a news conference here, Mr. Obama denounced […]


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by Pattycakes and the Riffers’s Pat Janulis. Tragic