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Life is Bullshit episode 1 by Mark Brinker and Henry Ferreira


Life is Bullshit is the irreverent talk show/group therapy/community service fulfillment audio project from your friends Henry Ferreira, Mark Brinker, and Juan Garcia. Join them as they go on an emotional voyage through topics as broad and diverse as “Is it recording?”, “What did you eat today?” “What do you mean it wasn’t recording?” “Let’s read erotic fan fiction,” and “You’re telling me that NONE of that shit got recorded?”

Here’s Ep01: Technical Difficulties

Secretaries, Santa Claus, Hillary Clinton, Kookaburra.

Also Juan’s not in this first episode because he didn’t join up until later.

Also this was assembled from two different recordings of different quality, so apologies if it gets a little louder and then softer.

Apologies all around.

To listen to the episode, just click the play on the player. We’re working on having the episodes available for download, but right now you can only stream them.

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