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Why-to drive a car:

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Somewhere in the hubbub of human history, humanity found time to develop the automobile. With horse drawn carriages only moving so fast and so far, the car seemed like the obvious next step in the evolution of transportation technology. And, before the appearance of freeways and the innovation of the traffic jam, cars were generally considered a quick way to get from point A to point B. So, driving a car can seem like a very practical thing to do.

Michael Molitch-Hou™ : The Perfect Perpetual Motion Machine

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Here’s mike!’s video about Cole Trickle and his need for speed, urge to purge, and his allergy to allegories.  mike! will be playing with Nobody Likes You Friday the 13th, 2009 at around 11pm-ish at the Reality Institute Car and Grill. written, starring, directed, and music by mike!