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Why-to test the limits of human experience by indulging in the excesses of drugs and alcohol:

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Below is a public service announcement in the form of a why-to, first delivered to an audience of artists and writers at the Concord art space in Los Angeles. Following the PSA is the text of the speech so that you can read along at home: Hi, I’m Michael Molitch-Hou, from The Reality™ Institute, a […]

Mixed Reality Will Turn Life Into A Video Game

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The question of why we exist is that the heart of all things. The most efficient, if not convenient, answer may be that we are because we are. The next question we should ask is how we got here. One possible answer is closely related to a tech ecosystem called “mixed reality”, made up of […]

The X-Files Was Accidentally Reborn as Right-Wing Propaganda

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As much as we might miss our favorite shows, when they’re resurrected twenty years later, they often come back as zombies with a radical right-wing agenda.  Read my take on The X-Files reboot on Motherboard.

Volim Photo Launches Family Photography in Southern Oregon

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Reality™ products may not find the widespread distribution that they deserve, leaving most folks floating in a meaningless void of consumer goods and toxic waste. Fortunately for Southern Oregon, there’s a new photographer in town, whose photos are 100% real™.  If you don’t believe me, see for yourself! Danielle Matich has brought Volim Photography from […]

3D Printing Industry’s Hype Hangover Gets Aussie Coverage

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Last week, the Australian news media finally caught wind of some potentially shady business going Down Under. After publishing an in-depth piece on Jason Simpson, an engineer who built one of the world’s largest 3D printers and whose business may have been stripped from him by his investors, ABC news in Australia covered the story […]

Wear Real™ Apparel or Die Naked

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Likely, you’ve been walking around naked (like an ape) because none of your clothes have been certified as real™.  Well, as old man Zimmerman said, the times they are a changing and you can now, finally, dress yourself in actual clothing, thanks to the new Reality™ Institute apparel shop. Using a new manufacturing-on-demand service called […]

Bernie! S20E16 sitcom starring Bernie Sanders for President

Bernie! S20E16 – A Sitcom Starring Bernie Sanders?

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Just came across this sitcom (50s or 60s?) about Bernie Sanders running for President of the United States of America. Interesting stuff! Not sure about the show, which seems to star a number of celebrities who support Sanders, but Bernie Sanders is the only presidential candidate that actually seems to care about people and resolving […]


Google & Intel Set to Conquer Reality Computing & Mixed Reality

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Over at 3D Printing Industry, I’ve written up a post on the unveiling of Project Tango by Google.  Developed by Google’s ATAP division, Project Tango is meant to be the first 3D sensing smartphone. It already exists in a prototype tablet form, but this recent news sees a Phablet version of the device relying on […]

apple 3D printing logo

Apple’s Top Secret Mixed Reality & Reality Computing Lab

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Today, in a market report, Piper Jaffrays analyst Gene Munster predicted that Apple was working on augmented reality, evidenced by the tech giant’s acquisition of AR software firm Metaio and, more recently, a lead sound engineer from Microsoft’s HoloLens.  On 3D Printing Industry, I explore Apple’s likely research into reality computing and its relationship to […]

Nature and Man, or Man and Nature?: An October Question

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What is man’s relationship with nature, as distinguished from man’s nuanced ability to consider survivalist possibilities? There are a multitude of ways of approaching this question, although few of them adequately define the crux of this golden fleece. In one lesser-known, but popularly understood approach, man is thought to be a settlement on a high […]