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Why-to why-to

Why-to why-to:

Life is the strangest thing around.  When you’re born, you wake up in a world already at work – dropped onto a treadmill in motion.  You learn how to carry out all sorts of tasks and develop all sorts of skills, but the reasons for learning those things are often lost in the mix.  Pretty soon, you find yourself performing a range of activities without a clue as to why you’re performing them.  You live a life without any reason as to why you are living it.   

In many ways, this may be the reason people are taken advantage of.  Advertisers sell you things by fabricating “whys” – you need to buy this product because it will make you prettier, which will make people like you more, which will make you happy.  By giving you a “why”, people, organizations, and corporations can convince you to do things that may be more beneficial to them than they are to you.   

Throughout the sections of this guide, you’ll find examples of a given why-to subject from my own life and although I, the author, am providing the “whys” in this collection, I am no expert on the subject.  Hopefully, these individual accounts will help illustrate the why-to in a specific scenario, rather than in more general terms, so that you can connect to the why-to on a personal level.  It is important, then, to develop your own reasons for doing the things that you do.  And, as you begin to ask yourself what the point of anything is, you’ll start to distinguish the things that are really worthwhile in your life from what you’ve been doing for no reason all of these years.  

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