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Why-to give your why-to guide an online presence by Michael Molitch-Hou

It is becoming increasingly clear to most people that the developed world is completely inundated with media: feature films, short films, hour-long television dramas, sitcoms, webisodes, art, blogs, artblogs, microblogs, Twitter feeds, RSS feeds, books, ebooks, poetry, music, and advertisements plastered in, on, or around everything and the kitchen sink.  How is a short and helpful guide like my new guidebook (available in stores) supposed to make it to the eyes of potential readers amidst this vast ocean of stimuli? How can I, as an author, ever connect with you, as a reader if we’re mutually unaware of respective existences? As an attempt to meet the bare minimum requirements imposed on any author trying to be published in the world today, I have created a blog for my why-to guide where I will post new why-tos, footage of motivational seminars,

Why-to conduct motivational seminars:

While many people still enjoy reading words printed on paper or embedded into digital files, there are those who prefer to explore the motivations for activities via live motivational seminars.  For instance, I read excerpts from my new guidebook, why-to: a short and helpful guide to motivate one’s pursuit of activities either a.) previously not pursued or b.) pursued so regularly that no one knows or remembers why they’re doing them in the first place, at California Institute of the Arts.  These students, artists, writers, and professors hardly have time to read why-to guides in their free time, what with all of the required reading that they have in their classes.  A motivational seminar, then, is perfect for these new why-to’ers to begin asking the whys in their lives!

Why-to read at CalArts from RealityInc on Vimeo.


Why-to drink and take valium while conducting a motivational seminar at an art space:

And, in order to liven up a motivational seminar for an otherwise unruly crowd, it’s good to throw a little excitement into the mix.  While at Concord Space, I gave a motivational talk while drinking alcohol and taking valium to truly embody the why-to and give a physical demonstration of why-to or why-to not drink and do drugs.

Why-to host the CalArts NextWords series at the REDCAT Theater in downtown Los Angeles:

The Reality™ Institute, in conjunction with CalArts, hosted a reading series for CalArts’s graduating MFA class and I, as the host, had the opportunity to ask why-to write to a large group of audience members.  This gave The Reality™ Institute, and me, the chance to frame the whole event in terms of the larger question of “why?” and, hopefully, put each writer’s work into that larger context.

Plus, while my guidebook may be available in stores, those individuals who may not be able to run out and pick up a copy at their local SuperCrown or Borders, can at least watch my motivational seminars and get a taste for what the guidebook has to offer.

phone calls from happy why-to customers, and any news regarding the book.  Then, if anybody anywhere ends up caring about my guide, they’ll be able to Bing it on the net and find this blog.  If all goes well, maybe someone will even give me a call about it!  Pretty soon, the whole world will be asking why-to do this and why-to do that and they’ll start creating their own why-to guides! And when a society is geared towards answering and asking that question, maybe we’ll stop working towards money, power, sex, and fame and instead start working towards sustainable happiness.

So, if you’re interested in following the why-to trend, why not check out (that’s!) and start asking yourself “why?” today!


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