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The Life and Death of Paul McCartney

The authorized audiobiography of Paul McCartney is here in its complete and raw form! Finally, a personal account of the life of the musician, the formation of the Beatles, and the aftermath of the Beatles break-up. Listen to the artist’s own take on the life-altering phenomenon that was The Beatles.

Part 1: How I Met George

Part 2: The Truth Is

Part 3: A Strange Boy Wearing Glasses, Smoking a Cigarette

Part 4: Count Basie

Part 5: He Keeps the Rhythm and, Therefore, He Keeps the Form

Part 6: We Called Him Mr. X

Part 7: A Comparison of Two Birthdays

Part 8: Beatlemania

Part 9: Is Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds About Drugs

Part 10: The Break Up of the Beatles Looked Something Like This

Part 11: Imagine

Part 12: Goodnight


  1. Hey, Jude, 3D Printed Paul McCartney! - 3D Printing Industry - March 18, 2015

    […] but anyone who knows me knows that I’m a big Paul McCartney fan. I even played him in my own inaccurate audiobiography about his life (my friend’s working on John’s).  Well, today is a very lucky day for a spy like me, […]

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