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Story about No Body

No Body knows what’s happening to Any One and Every One wants Every Thing to be okay. So Every One asks No Body if Every Thing is going to be okay. No Body says Every Thing is going to be okay with Any One. But Any One doesn’t matter to Every One, only Every Thing does.  Every Thing about Any One coming from No Body is No Thing as far as Every One is concerned and No Thing is of no importance to Every One.  Every One cares about No Thing and No Thing’s relation to Every Thing, but Every One is more concerned with Every Thing and wants to know if Every Thing will be okay to even give credence to No Thing.  No Body knows, but Every One refuses to listen.  Every One refuses to listen to Any One or Any Thing.  Any Thing or Any One is No Thing, which does not matter, as far as Every One is concerned because Any One could be Any One and not the special Some One that Every One needs to hear from.  It can’t just be Any One.  It has to be Some One.  And it can’t just be Any Thing.  It has to be Some Thing.  No Body doesn’t see how who says it matters to Every One because as far No Body is concerned, No Thing matters.  Not Any One or Any Thing, but No Thing.  Even if No Body knows what’s happening to Any One, No Thing is important to No Body.  Even if No Body cares about Every Thing and Every One.  Nobody even cares about Any Thing and Any One.  But, to No Body, all that matters is No Thing.  No Thing matters a lot to No Body.  No Thing matters to Any One too.  But Every One doesn’t care about Any One, No Body, or No Thing because Any One, No Body, and No Thing aren’t Some Body and Some Thing.  Every One wants to ask Some Body if Every Thing is okay, but Every One doesn’t know who that Some Body is.  And Every One doesn’t listen to, hardly even sees, Any One or Any Thing because they are as good as No Body and No Thing to Every One.  Really, only Every Thing matters to Every One, even if Every One has to hear it from Some Body.  But if Every One can hardly see Any Thing, Every One surely won’t be able to see Some Thing, let alone Every Thing. Any One can do Any Thing and Every Thing all Any One wants because that doesn’t matter to Every One.  And, even if Any One knows all about Every One and Every Thing, No Body is going to listen because No Body knows all about what’s happening to Any One and No Body cares.  No Body understands Any One, despite the fact that Any One is hardly Some Body.  No Body listens to Any One.  No Body cares about Any One, even if No Thing matters, because No Body cares about Every Thing and Every One so No Body will listen to Any Thing or Any One.  And because No Body cares and Every One only cares about Every Thing, I wouldn’t be too surprised if No Body and Every One, despite Every Thing, were doing Each Other as we speak.  And filming it.  Not that it matters to Any One.  But I don’t care what Any One thinks because No Body likes me and Every One hates me because I eat so many worms.  Like Any One cares about me or Any Thing and has ever even given me Any Thing in Any One’s life.  No Body has given me No Thing.  So thanks for No Thing and Every Thing, No Body.  Fuck Every One and Any One because I love Every Thing and No Thing more than Any One or Every One ever could. Anyways, I love you, No Body. Thanks for the worms.

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