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Blog #10: A Nostradamus-like Blogdiction of the Future™!

Obama could be another simulacra humanoid robot sent to continue this country’s government’s ongoing hate crime against humanity, but as a young, charismatic, hopeful, African-American politician he has also become a symbol for change to those who believe in him, as well as the lead singer for Barack-O-Rama and the Obamas.

That’s right, Clapton & Windwood have reunited! Aside from that, I have become pretty confident that he will win the presidency based on seeing his face on the cover of every magazine, from Time to People, but as Hunter Thompson has seen, symbols for change in this country often die or are sucked into a powerful system and used for its life draining benefit. From the ’68 Democratic Convention, where Mayor Daley had his police force attack its own citizens, to George W. Bush’s control of the White House, the idea of a good and free world has been bombed, beaten, and sprayed with tear gas.

I’m not a political writer by any means. You could say I’m a-pathetic. I’m usually more interested in determining the realness of things using puppets and Blogs. I hardly believe politics even exist or that they are a thing that we have control over, being the same sham that’s been playing out for centuries of the rich and powerful against the little man; however, things could be changing slowly with every step holding importance at every moment along the path. So, I decided to put reality on hold and address the election of 2008.

No one in their right mind would take this ridiculous website seriously, which is what reality is all about. And, certainly no one will take what comes to follow in this article seriously, so I don’t know why I’m doing it. I guess it’s that my fear of the Repressive State Apparatus outweighs that of the Ideological State Apparatus, being beaten by thuggish cops versus being brainwashed by VH1.

It was just a silly dream, but lately my dreams have been almost more vivid than they were when I was taking the anti-Malaria prophylaxis Meflaquin, which has as a side effect extremely vivid dreams. The side effect is so common that doctors often recommend not taking it and prefer to suggest Doxycycline whose common side effect is nice skin. I’ve had dreams where I have the feeling of déjà vu within the dream itself of other dreams or things that happened in the waking world. I’ve been to African islands with partially intact ruins of black and gold where I felt things I have barely felt in my real life, until being approached by militia men who wanted to amputate my arm. So, the following dream struck me as worth describing briefly for its vividness:

Websites, blogs, and online political forums were discussing the upcoming campaign and there was a great deal of support for Barack Obama. There was online footage of support for his campaign and the idea that the world could change for the better, whatever the better is. And as Election Day was arriving, the news channels, magazines, newspapers, and most media outlets were downplaying Obama more and more, making him seem less likely to win. There was talk of violence against his supporters by racists and that going to the voting booth on Election Day would be unsafe. Those who had so proudly presented their opinions in favor of the young idealist with bumper stickers and yard signs were now well known and would be easy targets of political intimidation from those who for whatever reason did not want Barack Obama as president.

Weblogs and the like continued their online support and interviewed people on the street, friends and family, about the election despite threats of violence, but were finding fewer and fewer willing Obama supporters to take place in their political forum. As, Election Day grew nearer, the police or some government agency began to intimidate these online journalists as well, taking them into custody and beating the spirit out of them or threatening them with jail time or some institutional consequence.

As took/takes place in countries with an overly strong governmental presence such as Cuba, China, or the Soviet Union, support for freedom of political expression was more difficult from within the police state than from without. Countries like Japan and those in Europe and South America were hoping for Obama to win the race. And, with increasing police/military control over the United States, the only real connections to the outside world were through online forums, the modern Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

The dream then followed characters avoiding government agents from the CIA who had escaped to other countries when it had become apparent that their opinions would not be tolerated by the United States government. They continued to maintain their sites and online connections, escaping from the grips of men in sunglasses aided by foreign friends whom they met in person. Once the characters in the dream started changing their identities and shaving their heads, I thought it seemed less realistic and more like a scene from Hackers.

But, despite all that, I felt the urgent need to tell anyone who listened or cared that Obama’s strong image as the new JFK

is not infallible and the symbol can be destroyed as easily as the was 60’s. If the day truly approaches when America does seem to be transforming into a genuine police state with voter intimidation before this election in November, we might be able to survive on the internet: a weird, giant system of twisted cables and host computers (and probably satellites or whatever) where international friends are made and open discussions take place. So, regardless of the emoticons and anal pornography, this strange thing on the worldwide interweb-net-o-sphere, relative freedom of speech, can persevere and prevent the United States from falling further into moral depravity ;).

I guess if you take dreams seriously in whatever the hell it is that is happening to us and made it this far in this article, maybe the internet does something other than spam your brains out with big penis pills. Like provide videos of police brutality at the Critical Mass bike rides:

mike away!

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