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Red Hot Air Balloon

I want Vero to sing this song.

Red Hot Air Balloon

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  1. Mike 17 April 2008 at 7:25 am #

    Fly, fly me away
    In your red, hot air balloon.
    It’s cold and gray out today
    and I want to leave soon.
    Switzerland’s nice, this time of year, the Swiss sing sweetly or so I hear.
    I want to leave soon.

    So, if you’re coming my way,
    I’ll bring my things to the roof.
    I’ll wave my hands and you’ll land.
    That way, I can come too.
    You’ve got a lot on your plate and that is a fact. You’ll leave the Reichstag and never come back.
    So please come soon.

    Up, up and away,
    Through the Earth’s atmosphere.
    We’ve got plenty of air
    So there’s no need to fear.
    Your moon base is great this time of year, with lizard men drinking German beer.
    I want to leave soon, to the moon!

    “Other theories involve Hitler having escaped to the Antarctic, where he joined with a subterranean dinosauroid master race[1], with whom he now travels inside UFOs underground, generally beneath the South Pole or throughout the center of the hollow earth[2], but sometimes to a Nazi moon base as well”

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